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Christmas Chatbot – Santa’s Newest Little Helper That Can Boost Sales

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The holidays are just around the corner. And, it's never too early to do a little Christmas shopping. Well, it's never too early to start planning how to boost your Christmas sales as well. A Christmas Chatbot can help you with that.

The year 2021 saw a significant rotation to online living. From school, business meetings to shopping, and communication with customers. Also, the switch to online shopping can be beneficial to many businesses. Namely, many tools can boost sales and help them reach an all-time high.

A Christmas Chatbot can boost sales
Photographer: SOULSANA | Source: Unsplash

One of the tools that can boost sales is a Christmas Chatbot. This article is for you whether you already use a Chatbot or don't know what it is. We will go over everything you need to know about Chatbots. Also, here you can find out how a Christmas Chatbot can boost your sales this holiday season.

So, let's begin!

What Is a Chatbot?

First things first, what is a Chatbot? Before we begin to explain how a Christmas Chatbot can boost sales, we need to cover what a chatbot is.

A Chatbot is a software application that businesses can use to communicate with customers online. Companies can do so via text or text-to-speech. In more general terms, a Chatbot mimics human conversations.

Using a Chatbot allows for companies to be in constant communication with customers. Also, it provides 24/7 services so that customers can receive a reply from your business at all times. What's more, a Chatbot works independently from a human operator. So, you won't need to employ additional people to man the phones.

Your only job regarding Chatbots will be to install them and customize them. The rest is in the Chatbot's hands. And, you can rest assured, Chatbots won't fail you.

Everything you need to have better customer service and communication is a Chatbot like Ideta's. It will do all the work for you and provide excellent results.

Now that you know what a Chatbot is, let's find out how you can use it!

How Can You Use A Chatbot?

Chatbots can be used in many industries. That applies to a Christmas Chatbot as well. For instance, companies can use a Chatbot for customer service. The Chatbot can answer questions, check inventory, help with exchanges and refunds, and much more.

Another way businesses can use a Chatbot is for marketing. The Chatbot can generate leads, simplify pricing, promote products, and more.

Christmas Chatbot - how can you use it
Photographer: Alex Knight | Source: Unsplash

Companies also use Chatbots in the healthcare industry and banking sector. So, you can see that Chatbots have a wide range of abilities. And with that, so will your Christmas Chatbot. We made a throughout article on the many Chatbot use cases

Now, let's continue to how you can benefit from a Christmas Chatbot this holiday season!

How Can You Benefit From a Christmas Chatbot?

Chatbots are great and all, but why should you make a Christmas Chatbot this season? Why not just have a regular one?

Well, we all know that the holidays are special. Most people are overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit when Christmas time comes and only buy Christmas-related products. So, if you want to attract more customers that will do their Christmas shopping at your store, a Christmas Chatbot is the way to go!

However, there are many more benefits you can get from having a Christmas Chatbot.

A Christmas Chatbot Can Help With Finding Gifts

Christmas shopping can be stressful. Sometimes, the store will not have what you're looking for, or you might not know where to look for a particular item. Another problem that can arise is when you don't know what to buy.

Well, a Christmas Chatbot can help with all of those problems. It can help customers find the items they want. Also, it can inform them about seasonal sales and promotions.

Also, a Chatbot can ask about the gift recipient and their taste. Thus, it can help customers find the perfect gift for their friends and family. And, customer satisfaction will be through the roof when they see a customized elf or Santa guiding their way.

christmas chatbot customization
With Ideta, you can entirely customize your Chatbot

Inform Customers About Delivery

Imagine you ordered all your gifts and completed your Christmas shopping. All that is left now is for the gifts to arrive. And you don't want them to be late. So, one of the most asked questions during the holidays is about delivery.

Everybody wants to know whether their gifts will arrive in time. Nothing says Christmas, like seeing presents under the tree. However, you as a business owner will have to answer hundreds if not thousands of questions about delivery. Or will you?

Your Christmas Chatbot can answer all of the delivery questions for you. Thus, you will save time a be able to focus on more important things.

You can connect your Christmas chatbot to diverse API, such as your packages carrier's API, and send the information to your Chatbot.

Your Christmas Chatbot Can Provide Support to Your Teams

Having a Christmas Chatbot can be a huge relief for your seasonal teams. The Chatbot can answer easy questions and engage with your customers. That leaves your team with more time to handle the more critical questions and problems that might arise.

If you think that all your problems will be over by Christmas day, think again. While all your employees will go home to celebrate the holidays, your customers will still have questions and problems. As Christmas day comes, you might find yourself understaffed and overwhelmed.

A Christmas Chatbot can provide support
Photographer: John Schnobrich | Source: Unsplash

However, there is no need to panic. A Christmas Chatbot doesn't take time off, nor does it celebrate holidays. With its help, you can be at ease and know that the Chatbot will tend to your customers. Also, it will keep them satisfied.

Now is the part where you might want to find some Christmas Chatbot ideas. Well, look no further. Here are some Christmas Chatbot ideas that can prove highly lucrative for you!

Examples of Fun Christmas Chatbots

Some Christmas Chatbot ideas have already proven to be great. One of them is conversation maps. Marks&Spencer used this idea. It offered a personalized experience to the customers based on their answers to pre-determined questions.

Another idea you can use for your Christmas Chatbot is the SMS strategy. The SMS strategy pairs well with the conversation maps strategy. After receiving the answers to the pre-determined questions, your Chatbot can send SMS to your customers and inform them about their favorite products.

And, if you're wondering if Chatbots work and companies actually use them, they do. Talkative has compiled a list of some famous companies that use Chatbots in their day-to-day operation. So, this list shows that it is worth hopping on the trend and making your own Chatbot as soon as possible!

How Can a Christmas Chatbot Boost Your Sales?

Now, onto the main event. Even though the sole benefits of having a Christmas Chatbot are excellent, there are some ways in which it can boost your sales.

Instantly Replying to Customers' Questions

By instantly replying to customers' questions, your response rates will soar. Also, you will build fantastic customer service that is there for your customers at all times. We humans cannot be alert 24/7, and therefore cannot achieve this. However, your Christmas Chatbot can accomplish this with ease and thus help you boost your sales.

Online Purchases

A Christmas Chatbot will allow your customers to purchase their products right away. Your customers will be relieved of having to drive to your store to buy something, and you will make more sales than before! Your customers would only need to inform the Chatbot that they want to buy something, and the Chatbot will complete the sale within minutes.

Connecting Through Facebook Ads

You can also add a message now button on your Facebook online advertisements. That will allow customers that see your ads to message you instantly. What's more, you will answer them immediately as well.

Not only will your customers be impressed by your responsiveness, but they will most likely buy the product from the ad. The fact that they were interested in your ad and messaged you after seeing it means that if you act quickly, their interest will not subside, and they will want to buy whatever you're offering. The ads library is a valuable attribute of Facebook ads that permits you to view the advertisements currently being displayed by your competitors. This gives you the opportunity to scrutinize their ad material, writing style, and targeting approaches. By doing so, you can gain inspiration and knowledge for your own ads, enabling you to develop more impactful campaigns.

customized christmas message
With Ideta, easily connect your Chatbot to Facebook Messenger

A Christmas Chatbot Can Get To Know Your Customers

Lastly, your Christmas Chatbot can collect information about what your customers like. Doing this will know what kind of products and services they want and offer similar ones to them.

All of that will, in turn, boost your sales because you would be offering something that is of interest to your customers. The Chatbot can collect this information by asking pre-determined questions. And, when you offer someone something that they already like, the chances of them buying it are much higher.

Ideta's analytics dashboard

Concluding Remarks

All in all, a Christmas Chatbot can truly capture the holiday spirit. It can also capture high sales. So, having one is a win-win for both you and your customers.

Not only will you generate higher sales, but your customers will associate you with a friendly and warm emotion. Thus, you will paint a positive picture in their minds for the future. So, maybe giving it your all for the holiday season will bring you better sales and customer appreciation even when it is over.

You read about the benefits and how a Christmas Chatbot can boost sales. It appears to be an investment worth your while, and we recommend it. What's best, any business can use a Christmas Chatbot to its advantage, whether you work in the banking sector or the fashion industry. Or anywhere else, for that matter!

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