You have a non-profit project?

Because your projects are meaningful, Ideta can help you create live chats or chatbots to stay in touch with your community.

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Boost community satisfaction and engagement

Members and visitors always have questions, be ready to answer them. This will make them trust you and increase your visitor engagement.

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Answer your community fast and efficiently

Answering your community's queries via chat is faster than by email and easier than by phone. Everyone can reach for you when they want to.

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We carry your message and your values

Because we know how important and difficult it is to get a message across online, Ideta guides you in the creation of live chat to support your campaigns. Ideta's easy-to-use platform allows you to interact on all communication channels such as Facebook Messenger, your website or even by text. 

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Your move now!

You have no experience in the tech sector? No problem. With Ideta, your entire team can create and participate in live chat in real time, on any device, by following simple tutorials. Manage your live chat in total freedom, add your content simply. You remain in total control of your data which you can export in 1 click.

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Need a little help ?

If you need help to make your livechat or chatbot, Ideta will help you!