build more powerful conversations

Natural Language Processing is about extracting information automatically from free text. For example, if the customer says "I want an apple", you probably want to add an apple to his cart. Therefore you need to detect that there is a buying intent and what the customer wants to buy. By combining all that, you can do a lot of things !

This is exactly what we help you do with no coding thanks to our integrated partners.

You will be able to automate conversations such as "How can I do this ?", "Where is my luggage ?", "How many holidays do I have left ?", but still keep the overview and allow intervention from a human agent.

Dialogflow (Google)

For the GCP people.


Luis (Microsoft)

For the Azure people.


Watson (IBM)

For the IBM people.

DiscOverStart (Facebook)

For the Facebook people.


Alexa (AWS)

For the Amazon people.


SAP Conversational AI (SAP)

For the SAP people.


Rasa (Open source)

For the Open Source people.