real time chat
made easy.

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always be there for your customers

Boost customer satisfaction

and engagement

Customers always have questions, be ready to answer them. This will make them trust you and increase your customer engagement.

Answer your customers fast

and efficiently

Answering your customers' queries via chat is faster than by email and easier than by phone. Customers can reach for you when they want to.

Automate your

customer support

With AI you can automate parts of the conversation. This saves your support time, so they can concentrate on complex queries

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who is it for?

E-commerce Websites
When customers have queries about a product they can get their answer fast and proceed to their purchase.
SaaS Company
Software can be tricky to understand, you can explain your product directly to your customer and reassure them
Internal Use Cases
You can process HR request, IT support and more throught the live chat. You can integrate the chat with all your internal tools
Landing Pages
Chatbots and LiveChats are very multipurpose. It can help your get better conversion rates. Contact us, to know more
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Assign conversation to agents

Your support agents can easily assign multiples conversations to themselves or take over another one
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Use pre-save answers to reply fast

Save most used replies and simply click on it to respond to your customers. This saves time and keep answers consistent
data conversation

Keep track of conversations' data

See all the data users exchanged during the conversation, like email, names and more
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Connect a chatbot to automate conversations

Connect a chatbot and automate replies. This make you gain time and reduce your support agents' workload

What do our customers say ?

talan chatbot

"It allows to build more effectively and with some ease pretty everything we want around a chatbot."

Lao-Dja Tchala

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"Easy setup Versatile use Great and reactive support."

Thomas Brodacki

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"Very short implementation time, a team that responds very quickly to our requests, immediate adoption of our employees."

Sylvie Sovis