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Add Facebook Chat Plugin to your website | No-code Livechat

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The Facebook Customer Chat Plugin, is a free tool offered by Facebook (or should I say Meta). It enables you to connect and speak with your customer through a chatbot directly on your website.

What is the Customer Chat Plugin?

Roughly speaking, Messenger created a free live chat tool that’s connected to the messenger of your Facebook page! With only a few clicks you can add the Facebook Customer Chat Plugin to your website. Then, customers can, for example, ask questions in this chat and they can get an answer directly 24/7 with no delay.

Customer Chat Plugin hello
The Facebook Chat Plugin in its initial state.

Conversation in the Customer Chat Plugin
A conversation in the Facebook Messenger Plugin

In terms of marketing, the advantage of the Facebook Chat Plugin is that the users who sent you a message can be contacted again through this same messenger. There are broadcast APIs that can send messages to potential customers with open rates ten times higher than emails!

In addition, customers who have asked questions also constitute a special audience in Messenger’s central advertising and can be retargeted on Facebook, Instagram and the entire Facebook advertising network. This is a hot audience that needs to be taken care of and traditionally has very good conversation rates.

But how do I respond to all these customers?

In parallel with this Plugin, Messenger has allowed the development of chatbots. More than 300,000 robots interact with users, 24/7. The idea is to connect a chatbot to a Facebook page, which will make it available in the Customer Chat Plugin and thus on your website.

Chatbots (chatting robots) answer automatically to your customers when they interact with your chat. Facebook made it easy and simple to implement such a chatbot via Messenger so your customers can easily send message that your robot understands.

How does this chatbot speak with my customers?

It’s possible to use natural language understanding algorithms to automatically respond to users’ questions and thus remove their last objections. The robot will understand the question and provide them with the correct answers. First, your customer’s message will be analysed by your chatbot’s IA.

With proper training the robot will understand some words and analyse them. Then, it will deduce your customer intent and provide them with the correct answers.

Don’t be afraid, this is now very simple and can be done with no code!

Do I really need to take care of my Facebook audience and install the plugin?

The right answer to this question much depends on your business model. If you need to utilize social networks and in particular Facebook to attract potential customers, naturally you should take care of your Facebook audience.

Meta – the new Facebook brand name – is the third most visited web site in the world. It attracts around 1.79 billion visitors per day of which 300 million are active with Facebook stories. About 2.18 billion people can be reached through paid ads on Facebook. A “typical” user likes 11 posts in a 30-day period, comments on 5 posts and shares 1 post.

All these numbers give well the idea of the importance of Facebook as a social platform and, consequently, of the need of taking care of one’s own presence on it. Managing the interactions with our visitors is part and parcel of the formula for the success on any social media, and Facebook does not make an exception.

What are the use cases of this chat plugin?

Since you can completely customize your Facebook Chat Plugin, the use cases are infinite and depend on what your objectives are. Do you want to get more leads? Close sales? Automate your support?

Get more leads

Using the Facebook Chat Plugin is great for getting leads, they are up and ready to answer user’s questions 24/7, day and night. In today's globalized world, this is even more important because your customer may be on the other side of the globe and your customer support can’t be up every time your customer needs you.

Configure your Chat Plugin to collect users’ contact information such as their phone number or their email address. With Ideta, you can even program your chatbot to send the information to your CRM so your sales team can contact your leads once they can.

Automate your FAQ

Before purchasing, 81% of customers conduct product research. This means that your landing page has to be clear and answer every customer’s hesitation. This can also be done by implementing a customer chat plugin to your website.

By providing your chatbot with answers for the most common questions, it helps enhance your customer experience. They will get answers to their queries in few second and without putting to much pressure on your customer support team

Manage your orders

Facebook is not only about entertaining and engaging the actual and potential customers. More and more restaurants and shops have been using Facebook as a real touch point with their customers from which to drill orders and sales in the last few years.

Chatbots can manage your clients’ orders, and, in this way, it gives you the possibility to fully automize the whole logistics processes. If you consider that most small shops and restaurants do not have enough budget to pay a social manager or somebody else that is able to manage their Facebook contacts, a chatbot can really be a lifesaver for a small entrepreneur!

Empower your analytics

We live in a world where data are golden. The most interesting aspect of the advent of the digital era is exactly the capability of the new digital technologies like Facebook to drill and convey an incredible quantity of information about the habits, behaviors, and preferences of our customers.

Bots are masters not only of the collection of any kind of information, but also of its management. Thanks to the power of deep learning and other digital technologies, the combination of chatbots & artificial intelligence gives you a small automatic secret service at bargain price.

This is another good reason to connect your Facebook plugin to a chatbot or a bot service like the one of Ideta. Turn your Facebook chat service into a real marketing division that is able to provide you with unvaluable insights and analytics about your customers.

In summary?

By connecting a chatbot with Customer Chat Plugin, you will answer user questions, which generally helps increase conversation rates.  You can also re-contact them via a newsletter on Messenger or through targeted advertising.

If you own a restaurant, a small shop, or an e-commerce, you can also automatize the whole logistics and the ordering process. In this way, you save money and get rid of the dry and annoying tasks that relate to this kind of operations.

Finally, the connection of Facebook chats with bots can be a great way to drill any kind of information about your customers’ habits, behaviors, and preferences. This is useful for both the ordinary marketing purposes and the creation of personalized services and offers for your users.

According to a Facebook survey, 64% of people assert that chatting through a messenger have made their exchange easier. Big companies have rapidly adapted and they integrated the Customer Chat plugin onto their website and their Facebook page. They rapidly see an increase in their customer satisfaction and engagement.

What about the drawbacks of this chat plugin?

In my opinion, the Customer Chat Plugin can be an excellent tool in B2C, but the connection to Facebook is mandatory, therefore limiting the reachable audience.

Install the Customer Chat Plugin

Facebook made it really easy to add their Chat Plugin to your website. With only a few clicks you can enable messaging so your customer can speak directly to you while browsing.

Step One: Include Facebook’s SDK

Copy and paste Facebook’s piece of JavaScript into the HTML code of your website. Insert it directly after the opening body tag of each page you want your Facebook Customer Chat Plugin to appear.

‍This will install the Facebook SDK on your website. SDK means “Software Development Kit”, which is a set of software tools and programs given by Facebook to make their Customer Plugin easy to install

You can find the SDK, here.

Facebook Plugin SDK code
Facebook SDK Code

Step Two: Whitelist your domain

Whitelist your domain on your Facebook page settings. Go to:

  1. Page Settings -> Messenger Platform -> Whitelisted Domains
  2. Enter your domain name
whitelist Facebook Messaging
Add your domain to the Whitelist

Step Three: Add it to your website

Add the Chat Plugin to your website by pasting the code and include the attribute you want. You can see what each attribute does here.

webflow customer chat plugin
Webflow made it easy to add code

Step Four: Connect to Ideta

Connect your Ideta’s account to Facebook and publish your chatbot!

add customer chat plugin to website
You can also add your chatbot to many others channels

If you are not a developper, try this.

If you are not familiar with web development, you can also use the Setup Tool Facebook that Facebook provides. Go to:

  1. Page Settings -> Messaging -> “Add Messenger to your website” section
  2. Customize your chat
Add Messenger with Facebook Setup Tool, it's easy to use.

When you are finished, the setup tool automatically generates the code you need and you can copy and paste it to your website. You can also directly add your domain to your whitelist.

And that’s it, you are live! Your customer can now contact you through the Customer Chat Plugin and you can answer them live

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