Build better chatbots, faster.
Without coding.



Build production-ready experiences without coding.
"Ideta helped us build an HR chatbot, in order to automate the most frequent questions. The editor enables us to simply develop our use case with no line of code. We are very happy with the tool and our coworkers with the experience."
Sylvie Sovis
Head of Human Resources
Thanks to a simple and powerful interface, build the chatbot you exactly need.
Test in real time with no impact on production.
Collaborate to build better experiences.


Understand what your customers need thanks to Natural Language Processing.
"With Ideta, I deployed a chatbot in the field of rental management to reduce the number of inbound calls. The chatbot understands the customers questions. And I did not know what NLP was before this project."
Adélaïde Bigot
Head of Innovation
What is NLP ?
NLP is a part of Artificial Intelligence that works on extracting information automatically from written text or speech.
How does it work ?
We remove the hassle of implementing the best softwares such as Google's Dialogflow, Microsoft's Luis, IBM's Watson...


Connect your chatbot to internal or external tools thanks to API connection.
"We wanted a chatbot that would help insurance salesmen find the right arguments to convince prospects. Based on our API, Ideta built the first version and the chatbot is now managed by our team. We can now offer this chatbot to our customers and partners."
Guillaume Hédon

Connect API easily
Connect external API (Google Maps,...) or your internal tools (HRIS, CRM...), to your chatbot with no coding.
Create more value
Get information outside and combine it with your own data in our software and build better experiences for your customers.


Deploy your use case on the most appropriate communication channel.
"We wanted a new experience of training through Google Home. Ideta made this possible quickly with no need for any coding."
Michel-François KMIEC
Lab Prospective Formation
Available channels
Deploy your use cases on Messenger, the Web, Workplace, Twilio, SMS, Slack, Smooch (Zendesk Sunshine) and Google Home.
Upcoming channels
Your needs help us build our roadmap. Tell us the communication channels you need and we will make them available.

Get up and running fast

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