REAL world APPLICATION OF conversational assistants

Discover factual results our clients had when they implemented conversational assistants to their business.
We have customers from all across industries, with their own needs.
In these case studies, you will discover real-world application of conversational assistants, with results and customer testimonials.

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Biogroup - Automating 65 000 conversation in 3 months

Biogroup is a network of medical analysis laboratories with more than 700 medical biology facilities all over France. They experienced a huge increase in queries regarding COVID-19, PCR test results, and vaccines on top of the usual queries they already had. They needed to automate those recurring questions to relieve their team so they began to use Ideta's chatbot.

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Why you need to go self-serve right now

As the self-serve first business method allows software companies to unlock maximum growth potential with the least amount of resources, this ebook will guide you through the process, providing you with all the tools you need. In this free 5 step guide, you’ll learn:
✅ Why every software business needs to go self-serve
✅ How to turn all of the user journey into self-serve
✅ Which exact tools and processes you'll need for the transition

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