We have launched a few series of webinars to help you make your chatbot a success story. We will provide you with some good tips, techniques, everything you need. You can choose among the list below.


We worked hard to completly redesign our plateform to make it better et simpler to use. In this webinar we will present you our new platerform and all its features!


Lead acquisition : a focus on emails

Email is the #1 asset for capturing and nurturing your leads. In this webinar we are going to show you the complete steps to take from capturing those emails, making sure they are valuable, and then nurturing them to convert your leads into loyal customers.

  • Part 1: How to get emails?
  • Part 2:  How to process them?
  • Part 3: How to use them?

The keys to automate your customer support using artificial intelligence

We will review all the important aspects and strategies that need to be taken into account while developing a chatbot for customer support. It will include an introduction to artificial intelligence and what to expect from it.


How a Messenger chatbot can help improve your marketing performance ?

After a review of the overall benefits of a Messenger chatbot, we will focus on chatbots and the experiences you can build for specific events like Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter...


How to make your chatbot a success without overloading your team ?

Despite our software making it particularly easy to do everything you want with chatbots, there is always some kind of project management involved when trying to deploy a chatbot. We will review the important points.


Why and how to combine Dialogflow and Ideta ?

We will focus on why you should use Natural Language Processing and particularly Dialogflow in your chatbot. Then we will demonstrate how much easier it is to use it with Ideta instead of developing it on your own.

Feel free to email us at yanis@ideta.io if there is anything particular you would like us to cover in a webinar. We are always keen on producing more tailored content.