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Finding out the right Facebook questions for engagement is the big challenge for any social media marketer that deserves its name.

Why asking questions on social media is so important? The trick is that queries have the power to wake up readers.

Neurosciences prove that, when we are asked a question, our brains get a rush of dopamine, a molecule that is deeply involved in the cerebral mechanisms of reward and pleasure.

Getting down to practice, the real challenge is to find out the right questions to ask in your group on Facebook in a given context.

To help you, here comes a list of the 10 best Facebook questions for engagement that I have selected among the thousands of tips and tricks that are published by social media gurus every day.

My list of ten Facebook questions for engagement

What I do not expect from this product is

Jay Baer, a praised social media marketing guru that is widely known for his book: “Hug Your Haters”, stresses the importance of creating the word of mouth in social media communication.

This happens when we utilize the right talk triggers. They are those elements of your brand experience that customers wish to share with others.

When the trigger is pulled, the word of mouth runs quickly, and your message is spread through the whole net in a few seconds.

A smart tactic to ignite Facebook sharing is then asking your customers about their personal experience with your brand. Anybody loves to speak about oneself, after all.

This the reason why this is one of the most powerful best Facebook questions for engagement. Another question that can be asked about customer experience is: “When I buy/use this product I am/I feel… “.

How can I help you, sir?

Being helpful is the strategy one for success on any social media network, according to Sean Gardner, author of The Road of Social Media Success.

So, no surprise that any offer of help is a successful strategy among the best Facebook questions for engagement.

More in general, Sean’s advice is to think about what you can give to a situation, instead of what you can simply take from it.

The advantage of this approach is that customers’ answers could show some interesting aspects of your brand experience that people start to share.

In this way, your question could trigger a viral sharing of your brand through the net.

What is something you like to do the old-fashioned way?

Writing is customer-centric, not corporate-centric. Ann Handley, a writer and Facebook consultant on content, has clear ideas.

Any questions about people’s preferences and tastes should then be one of your Facebook questions for engagement.

The list of questions of this kind is long. From the trite: “What are you having at dinner”, to the smarter: “If you did not have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?”, you have plenty of questions to select.

Can anybody help me with this problem?

Everybody Needs Somebody to Love is the title and the main chorus of the homonymous song of The Blues Brother.

Take a break, it's time for some music!

So, why not exploit the natural desire of humans to feel good-hearted by asking them for help?

Most people try to break the shell of their egotism, after all. The reason why “Can anybody help me” is one of the killing Facebook questions for engagement, according to the influencer and social media marketing guru Kim Garst.

Some variants of this question could be: “One of our readers has a question. Can you help?” and “What advice would you offer to a person who is struggling with…”.

The trick is the same in all variants: we trigger people’s desire to help – and they speak about our products by doing that.

Are you in it to win it?

Contests are a great way to create engagement. Competing with somebody else generates thrills, a sense of challenge, a wide range of emotions, pride, and… a release of lots of dopamine and adrenaline which is exactly the biological counterpart of engagement.

A contest on Facebook can be launched for everything. The most popular are content contests, which mean that your readers have to post photos or comments.

But you could launch a question contest, where your customers are prompted to ask questions about your products. In this way, you can grab interesting information and create engagement.

Remember that knowing your Facebook readers is king in any Facebook engagement strategy.

Can your rate this product?

Another powerful leverage to use in Facebook questions for engagement is asking for people’s opinions.

Polls & surveys have always delighted readers of any age and in any place. This is not only a matter of curiosity; everybody loves to speak about himself and getting the opportunity to say one’s own opinion on whatever it matters is a great occasion to do that.

Surveys can be combined with some of the strategies we listed above. For example, the question: “Which strategy has worked best for you when it comes to …?” mixes customers’ personal experiences when facing the problems that your product solves with survey strategy.

I could not live a day without___?

Questions with a blank space to fill are another powerful way to create engagement on Facebook, according to Kim Garst.

The reasons why people love so much to fill blank spaces is unknown. Is the need of the brain to complete a succession of words? Or the fact that a usual scheme of words gets broken by the presence of the blank space?

While waiting that scientists give an answer, we can just use this kind of question, as it seems that Facebook users simply go crazy for that.

If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make?

Let us be honest with ourselves: giving orders to others is probably the biggest pleasure in life. An old Sicilian idiom says that “Commanding is even better than having sex”. This leans on the innate narcissism of human beings and their Nietzschean will to power.

This question in our set of the best Facebook questions for engagement thus stimulates and exploits people’s tendencies for power.

So, it is a good idea to crown your readers as kings for a day and let them rule the world. Naturally, you can get also incredibly good insights into their deep desires, hates, and wills.

What is one of your favorite smells?

The smell is probably the quickest sensorial route to the brain, and it plays a great role in our decision-making process, according to neuro marketers.

So, why not exploit this love for sent that so many people have? Smells can be also a smart idea to start an engaging conversation in almost any Facebook group. Another of the best Facebook questions for engagement.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would you choose?

This is another trick coming from neuromarketing. It seems that we are biologically conditioned to like babies and puppies. So, let’s go down with pets. Almost everybody has a dog or a cat, or a small animal to cuddle and love, or he dreams to have one.

There are other killing Facebook questions for engagement, the Internet is full of advice and this list is not exhaustive.

Managing readers’ comments and replies

Once a question is asked, it is necessary to manage the stream of comments and replies from users, customers, and readers.

This is usually a time-wasting activity that requires a dedicated person, not to say a social media manager, the cost of which could be excessive for small businesses.

Another problem is that answers must be quick and immediate, as social media is a fast world that demands continuous attention.

The good news is that there are tools that can handle the basic tasks of answering userscomments today.

A good example of this kind of tool is our application Facebook Autoreply which can send both public and private auto-replies messages to users.

You just have to add some generic answer and when someone comments on your Facebook post, the bot will respond to them privately and/or in the public comment section!

Our tool is completely free to use!

With our app, any organization finds an affordable and efficient way to manage its social media presence and to drill data from the readers, in order to make the most of its Facebook questions for engagement.

In conclusion, a conversational AI chatbot can be the best strategy to manage your best Facebook questions for engagement and get your social media manager rid of the boring stuff, and free to focus on the most important aspects of your conversational marketing strategy.

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