Facebook Auto Comment (Free Tool)

What's a Facebook Auto Comment?

It's simply a bot that automatically replies to users who comments on your Facebook posts. It can replies directly to the user's comment and it can also send a private message to the user.

When to use Facebook Auto Comment tool?

Facebook comment activity
A study by Hootsuite on Facebook Activity

This tool is especially useful if you want to stay connected to your community. Facebook comment reflects a high commitment to your post from the user, a study showed that in a month, a user typically makes 5 comments. That's quite a low number so if they commented on your post it can mean many things:

  • They are interested in your business and would like to have more information
  • They are seeking assistance with your product and would like to get in touch with you
  • They want to engage with your post because they like you
  • They had a bad experience with your product and want to complain

No matter what's the reason, it's important to pay attention to your comment and ideally, respond to them when possible. Moreover, responding to your Facebook Comments can boost your post and make it more visible to other people.

Our Facebook Auto Comment Tool can be useful for:

  • Contest Giveaway. Contest Giveaway is a great way to generate leads that are interested in your product. 
  • Private Discount. Send your discount code to people who engage with your post
  • Custom messages. Interact with your community automatically 
  • ..anything else you can think of

Facebook auto comment & reply tool for free

How to use the Facebook Auto Comment tool?

Step One: Connect your Facebook Account and Facebook Page

auto-comment tool connection
Selecte "Facebook" and click on "Connect"
Auto Comment Page Selection
Select the pages you want to connect to the Auto Comment Tool

You can connect several pages to the tool

accept the option
Allow Ideta to manage your page

Step Two: Set up your campaign

Give it a name and select the a post where you want to install the auto-comment

Connect auto comment tool to facebook post
Click on the dropdown to show all your posts

Add reactions to comments

facebook auto reaction
Add random reactions to Facebook comments

Add your custom private messages

add facebook private messages
You can insert the commenter name in the message!

Add your custom public messages

add auto public replies
Those will be seen by everyone in your Facebook post

Publish your Auto Comment Campaign

publish facebook auto comment campaign
Click on "Publish Campaign" for it to go live!

Step Three: Update your campaign

Continuously update your campaign, add new private replies or public messages!

update campaign
Click on the pencil to modify a reply


The Facebook Auto Comment tool can be useful to automate your Facebook campaign.

It can help you:

  • Boost your Facebook Post
  • Strenghten your community engagement

If you need any help, please contact us a contact@ideta.io ! Our team will be glad to help you achieve your goal

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