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Using ChatGPT To Improve Customer Service And Engagement

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Artificial intelligence (AI) language models are revolutionizing industries around the globe. Programs like ChatGPT have already made major waves in schools, marketing departments, and software development studios.

Customer service agents can also benefit from ChatGPT and the automated language services it offers. Chatbots and virtual assistants can enhance engagement, quickly answer common questions, and free up time for customer service agents to pursue creative tasks that humanize the business’ brand.

Answering FAQs

Most customer questions could be easily answered with a thorough browse of a company’s FAQs. However, customers may bypass the FAQs or could be looking for a more detailed interaction than a webpage can provide. This means that many customer service agents lose hours responding to common, easily answered questions every day.

ChatGPT 4 is particularly well-positioned to help customer service teams answer FAQs. GPT-4 is 40% more likely to give an accurate answer and has been trained with more human feedback and can be tailored to meet the needs of any given business. GPT-4 does require a subscription but offers greater safety and a reduced risk of error.

Customer service agents who are saved from the burden of answering FAQs can spend their time on more creative endeavors. However, customer service managers should be aware that some users will struggle to interact with automated chatbots. Consumers with queries and complaints should be encouraged to write effective GPT prompts that:

  • Give context for the problem;
  • Contains specific details about the issue;
  • Provide examples of the fault or error they are facing;
  • Include follow-up questions.

Gentle reminders to include these elements will improve the efficacy of the ChatGPT bot and improve customer satisfaction. This allows customer service representatives to focus on important operations like analytics and brand engagement.


Accurate analytics is essential for any business that wants to measure and improve its customer service and engagement. Without a clear data collection and analysis program, customer service agents cannot be sure whether their attempts to improve engagement have been successful.

ChatGPT can help customer service representatives write surveys that produce reliable results. The program trawls the web to find the best examples of customer service questionnaires and collates the best options for customer service reps. However, agents should be aware that many online, anonymous surveys are actually completed by bots and will generate erroneous results.

Agents can customize ChatGPT-inspired surveys to improve the reliability of survey data by recruiting real participants. Customer service agents who want to improve the reliability of their data should require participants to show a short video of themselves. This confirms the authenticity of the participants and ensures that the data being fed to ChatGPT is accurate.

Customer service departments can use ChatGPT to discover hidden trends in data sets, too. As the neural network that supports OpenAI becomes more powerful, customer service agents will be able to present entire data sets and ask the language model for specific feedback. This can help representatives utilize big data in their quest to humanize the business’ brand.

Humanizing the Brand

Automated language programs increase operational efficiency and support overburdened customer service agents. However, consumers still want to speak with real people and get to know the humans behind the brand.

Customer service agents can use the time saved by automating FAQs and data analysis to improve their service and create customer-facing content that answers common questions. Representatives can even use ChatGPT to inspire creativity and produce infographics that humanize the business’ brand image.

Businesses that want to build customer loyalty and drive engagement should give users the chance to switch to a conversation with a real person, too. This can help humanize the brand, as real representatives usually have a more genuine, personable tone. Customer service agents who jump into ongoing AI-led conversations can further improve customer loyalty by offering personalized outreach and rewarding loyal customers.

Translation Issues

Businesses that operate in international markets have the ability to appeal to consumers all over the globe. However, customer service agents in expanding businesses may experience a language barrier that undermines their ability to connect with consumers from around the world.

ChatGPT can help facilitate consumer interactions by translating text in real time. This gives agents a chance to hold full conversations with consumers from across the globe. Unlike services like Google Translate, ChatGPT can understand the literal meaning of idioms and will ensure that customer service agents do not misunderstand important idiosyncrasies.

Multilingual chatbots also offer 24/7 support to folks in different time zones. This can save growing businesses a significant amount of money as customer service agents who work unsociable hours are often paid more than folks who work 9 am - 5 pm.


Language models like ChatGPT are the future of customer service and offer a variety of benefits. ChatGPT can answer FAQs and can be trained to dig through complex data sets. SaaS programs like those offered by OpenAI can save growing firms plenty of cash, too, as businesses won’t need to hire an entire fleet of customer service reps to handle easily-answered questions all day. Instead, firms can focus on building a human connection and fostering higher engagement amongst consumers.

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