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Top 7 reasons why your business needs a LiveChat in 2023 (Update)

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A Live Chat is a software which enables your customer service team to strike up real-time conversations with customers while they are visiting your company’s website.

By instantly connecting customers with one of your support agents who will answer their questions and handle their requests on the spot through written messages, you will be able to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer engagement.

Besides allowing you to offer a more personalised and real-time customer service, implementing a live chat on your website can bring many more benefits to your business

Still wondering why you should implement a live chat on your website? Without further ado, let us guide you through the multiple advantages the implementation of a live chat could give to your business. 

1. Live chats help you build trust with customers

Live chats offer a more human-like and personalised experience to customers browsing the web. Behind every live chat is a real human who can understand the way customers express themselves. They can perceive the tone, the nuances and the mood of each customer, and thus adapt their speech accordingly.

For instance, if a customer is angry, the agent can try to soothe them by offering solutions to their problems, answers to their questions or even just support. Moreover, by providing instant and personalised support, human agents can rather easily establish a friendly relationship with each customer, making them feel closer to your brand, thus improving customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction and retention

2. Live chats are customer friendly

Unlike with phone calls, live chats allow your customer service agents to handle multiple requests at the same time. This means your customers don’t need to wait for a member of the customer service team to pick up the phone anymore.

By using the live chat, customers can directly send their query to your staff members. This also enables customers to multitask while waiting for an answer. For example, they can keep browsing through your website, trying to find more information about your brand, products or services. They can also decide to do something completely different for a little and to come back later to your website, then seeing your support agent’s reply.

3. Live chats save customers’ time and increase the productivity of your customer service team

According to various studies conducted by HelpScout and CMSWiRE, live chats offer faster support to customers than emails and phone calls do. For example, the average email reply time of the 100 largest internet retailers in the US was estimated at about 17 hours.

Used correctly, a live chat can drastically reduce these waiting times, sometimes even providing immediate support to customers. Also, as explained above, unlike with phone calls, customers can decide to ask for help and come back later if they have something else to do. A live chat can therefore save your customers quite a lot of time.

Likewise, a live chat enables your customer service team to better manage their time and to gain in productivity as they can use message templates and answer multiple requests at the same time unlike with phone calls. 

4. Live chats can remember conversations for you

Live chat’ softwares can save and remember conversations. When starting a conversation with a customer, support agents can thus have access to a quick overview of past exchanges.

This is all the more important given that, according to the Customer Think website, about 72% of customers expect support agents to remember their contact information as well as their past conversations.

Implementing a live chat on your website thus allows you to live up to and even to exceed most customers’ expectations concerning your business. 

5. Live chats help you collect data and better understand customers’ needs

With a live chat, conversations happen between two human beings. It is therefore easier to ask specific and precise questions to customers, for instance about their needs or their opinion of your brand, products or services, which will thus allow you to know more about them and what they expect.

As explained in the last top, a live chat can save all customers’ conversations with your customer service team. By then analysing some of these conversations and data, you will be able to continuously improve your customer service, for example by creating or improving the FAQ page on your website. Analysing this data can also help you to adapt your marketing and communication strategy

livechat data
Visualise datas with Ideta Analytics Dashboard

6. Live chats increase sales and conversion rates

According to Econsultancy, in the Connecting with Consumers report written by LivePerson, 83% of shoppers explained they needed ‘some form of support during their online journey’.

Moreover, according to a research conducted by Forrester, when customers are able to chat prior to purchasing, there is a ‘48% increase in revenue per chat hour’.

By enabling your customer service team to provide your undecided customers with real-time, personalised, quick and helpful information concerning their purchases, there is no doubt a live chat can help you increase your sales and conversion rates

7. Live chats help you improve your website and stand out from a crowd of competitors

A study conducted by SuperOffice found that, out of 1,000 websites, only 9% use a live chat.

This means that, in 2023, implementing a live chat on your website can still make you stand out from a crowd of competitors, by giving your business a huge competitive advantage, namely: providing your customers with personalised real-time help, support and advice directly on your website. A live chat can get you ahead.


Thanks to a live chat and with proper training, your customer service team could skyrocket your business, notably by increasing your customers satisfaction and boosting your sales. To improve the customer experience even more, thanks to Ideta’s software, you can combine your live chat with a chatbot.

Chatbots are conversational robots programmed and designed to instantly answer users’ questions. Implementing one into your business would, for instance, allow you to automate repetitive and tedious tasks, and to handle even more requests at the same time.

Combining your live chat with a chatbot can indeed bring many benefits to your business, such as reducing costs and being available for customers’ queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nowadays, in a digital era focused on customer experience, chat softwares and conversational agents are a must have for every single business willing to succeed. 

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