How to innovate as a real estate agency?

Finding a property is often the stake of a lifetime. Alone, two or more ;) It’s often a stressful time.  Once purchased, the management of this property is not much simpler and each subject becomes a burden to deal with.  Who pays what?  How does a condominium work?

Which owner has never been puzzled by the calls of his quarterly mail?

Thousands of people have asked themselves the same question before, yet finding the answer to these questions is often not simple.  Moreover, the people in charge of the management of their property often have very little time.  Owners then usually find the answer faster on the internet.  This is pretty damaging for the agencies that are gradually losing touch with their customers.

In the sales process, time is precious.  Usually, when constructing a new building, the agency tries to sell as many apartments as possible, even before the construction begins.  The sales process begins before the construction begins.  In the survey, the agents will always answer the same questions even though the first commercial stage is ultimately used to collect the coordinated of a person who wishes to know more about the development.  Once they have this data, they contact them and treat prospects individually.

Whether for rental management, co-ownership, the marketing or sales of a property, real estate agents need support to answer repetitive questions and thus be able to redirect their work time to high value tasks.  Additionally, centered on human contact and relation.

How to respond instantly to questions from these customers without wasting time?

From our phone or voice assistants, we already talk and interact with many chatbots.  Some help us plan our trips, while others help us report water damage.  In real estate, they are revolutionizing the way we buy, sell and rent properties:

  • Transforming static web pages into interactive experiences
  • Personalizing the customer experience
  • Being present on a website, but also on social networks
  • Responding instantly to requests from users 24/7

Conversational robots deployed in a multitude of industries such as healthcare, banking online sales and hospitals have all had a significant impact in terms of return on investments and custom engagement.  The real estate sector is no exception!  They are useful for saving time, money and additional resources.

Chatbots help to answer the problems faced by real estate agencies by being:

  • Real time:  When a user lands on the website, they can immediately get answers to their questions.
  • Available 24/7:  Customer requests can be processed even after business hours.
  • Specific:  The customer journey is personalized by taking into account, at every moment, the user’s answers.
  • Efficient:  A chatbot answers the majority of customer questions and the real estate agent can focus on higher value-added tasks.

How did Thierry Immobilier innovate in the real estate sector?

Independent real estate firm, Thierry Immobilier, is the number one of the condominium and rental management of residential property in the Nantes Metropolitan and Guérande Peninsula

Thierry Immobilier sought to improve their productivity while increasing customer satisfaction with responsive and constantly available service.

This makes it possible to answer customers’ question instantly and simply as:

  • I want to install fiber in my home, how do I proceed?
  • How is the settlement of my rental vacancy?
  • My rent is higher this month, why?
  • When will my rent be taken?

After a few months of use, the chatbot data analysis will be very important.  Do people use the bot?  How often?  A chatbot is a powerful analytical tool that allows you to understand the most frequently asked questions and identify ways to improve internal communication.

To avoid significant additional development costs, the solution must allow your bot to be deployed on all communication channels needed by your target.  You have to be where users interact every day!

The chatbot also has a great return on investment

In the case of Thierry Immobilier, the chatbot can currently answer more than 150 questions!  

If Thierry Immobilier wanted to answer these 150 questions by e-mail, it would take about 45 hours per week (assuming 5 minutes by e-mail).  This represents a full-time employee each month!

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