How Chatbots can be useful for HR?

It's hard to miss out on the latest technology that's all over the place these days... conversational assistants! In our homes, in stores or at work, chatbots are now part of the landscape! But have you ever thought about its internal use? HR, what if the future of customer relations was... the key to a good employee experience?

What about the employee experience in all this ?

How many days of leave do I have left? What's my RTT balance? How do I open a time savings account? How do I fill out my expense report?... These are the questions that paint the daily life of HR departments, even ... that pollute it. When the handling of a multitude of similar questions clashes with the primary vocation of an HR department... it gets complicated.

The idea is not to replace them, far from it... but to assist them so that they have time to devote themselves to tasks that are highly qualitative in the life of their company.

Eva: the virtual assistant

Do you know Eva? No ? Presentations are necessary... Eva is the virtual assistant of PSA Peugeot Citroën! Present on the Intranet, her role is to advise the group's employees on issues related to office applications, workstations, HR issues and practical services. And Eva is (over)performing... she answers an average of 140,000 questions per month! (or more than one answer every 30 seconds!).

So, instead of picking up the phone or filling out a form, employees ask their question freely in the company's internal messaging system (Skype Business, Slack, Google Hangouts, Workplace...) and the bot will answer them instantly.

Eva significantly reduces the time spent by the HR team on administrative tasks while improving employee satisfaction! Indeed, getting a quick answer to their questions is the first source of customer satisfaction, but also... of employee satisfaction! At PSA, Eva has become essential... leading to a significant decrease in calls to HR and helpdesk departments and a constant increase in requests to the virtual assistant.

It's a brand new role for the chatbot who has taken on the role of HR.

Lack of availability: a real struggle for employees and HR!

Two out of three employees are unable to find relevant information in their organization because they simply don't know where to look or how to access it. Depending on the size of the company, the response time to a simple question can vary from one... to three days! This is a real source of dissatisfaction for employees and a need that has been misunderstood for too long.

Internal tools are not adapted to the expectations of our time. The multiplicity of isolated applications in the company does not make the task any easier! Employees don't know where to go or which service to ask for, on which part of the intranet to focus ...

Also, from an HR perspective, the challenge is to respond to simple and predictive queries repeatedly. Today, it is possible to automate 80% of these questions... A solution that would then allow the HR department to focus on more strategic areas. When will we see a digital HR organization?

Improve your company's productivity while enhancing its attractiveness!
The HR function is changing! The HR chatbot is the tool that will help develop a real "employee service" like customer service.

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