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The rich text element allows you to create and format headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, images, and video all in one place instead of having to add and format them individually. Just double-click and easily create content.

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A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

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What is a chatbot Facebook Messenger? A chatbot is an automated messaging software that uses artificial intelligence to talk to people. Chatbots are programmed to execute tasks, understand questions and provide answers.

Customers can just send a message, just as they would to a friend, instead of making a phone call, opening or downloading an app, loading a webpage, or running a search. Chatbots are currently implemented on social media, in apps, on web pages, but they have been around in some form for decades.

A chatbot Facebook Messenger is a bot that lives in Facebook Messenger, and it converses with people using Facebook. If you’re a business that’s using Facebook, a Facebook Messenger bot can help you in scaling your Facebook messenger strategy.

Instead of building a mobile app in order to communicate with your customers, implementing a chatbot, Facebook Messenger is a lot cheaper.

Chatbot Facebook Messenger Benefits

There are lots of benefits that a Facebook Messenger chatbot can bring you. Some of the most important ones are the following.

Improving Customer Support

The first benefit of using a Facebook Messenger bot is pretty obvious. With a Facebook bot, you will be able to provide customers with a prompt answer to any question they might have.

Customers expect that you’ll be able to answer their questions or address their issues 24/7, and they also hate slow answers. What will set you apart from the competition and up your conversion rates is providing impeccable customer service.

A major factor for keeping the customers engaged is a quick response time. 68% of consumers like chatbots thanks to the quick answers they provide, according to research done by Userlike.

People who are interested in your products or services can easily and quickly decide whether they want to buy something or not if they have high-quality answers available to them. Besides providing precise and accurate information, you are also giving them a prompt response to their question. This reduces the chances that people will look for an alternative choice and buy from someone else who will provide them with a quicker response.

To clarify product-related questions, you will need a customer support team that is constantly available. A chatbot Facebook Messenger can solve issues faster and reduce wait time for customers.

If you or your support team are spending a good chunk of time daily to answer some of the most frequently asked questions, a chatbot can take off some of the workloads. This task does make connections and build a relationship with your potential clients. However, it takes up a lot of time. A chatbot Facebook Messenger can easily answer your FAQs.

If your spending a lot of time booking appointments, checking your return policy, and helping people track deliveries, a chatbot Facebook Messenger will be of great help to you.

Better Engagement

A chatbot can help you in improving your Facebook engagement rate. A better engagement rate can help your business boost its sales up. This is the reason why so many businesses are trying to interact and engage with customers on their social media pages. To keep customers interested, bots use visual content like images and videos, gifs, memes, and even quizzes.

Keeping Your Frequent Customers Informed

You can keep your customers informed about your business through notifications that your Facebook Messenger bot will send.

Whether you want to update them about a new post on your blog, a temporary closing of your business, or a new product or service that you’re offering, you can easily have your chatbot send notifications in order to keep your target audience up-to-date.

Personalized Experience

The efficiency of the chatbot is shown through the ability to create a unique experience for your customers. Using a feedback-driven process, the chatbot is able to personalize the customer experience. Chatbots guide potential customers to discover your brand’s offerings and your brand in general.

To increase the desirability of your brand, they ask customers what it is they are interested in, and offer them content, recommended products, and others. Every step of the customer journey, from clicking on an ad to purchasing a product or service, can be personalized by chatbot marketing.

Gathering Data

The information and answers that people give to your bot can be really useful for future marketing. You can use this data to serve them the content they want to see, thus increasing customer lifetime value and keeping people interested in your business.

A chatbot can get customer data about the type of device or browser they are using, user location, and so on. This can help in personalizing the experience, and in turn, acquiring new customers. Based on the data that bots gather, you can make tactical and strategic decisions when it comes to marketing.

Automating Tasks

A Facebook Messenger bot can easily automate the day-to-day tasks of your business. Whether you’re open or closed, a high-quality bot can respond to specific and general questions from customers. A few simple tasks that can be automated by a chatbot are account statuses, transactions, payments, shipment statuses, and so on.

A user can make payments with a chatbot in a much simpler way. The capability of the chatbot to process payments will not only make substantial revenue for your business. It will also increase the usage of the chat app.

Building Brand Awareness

A great way to capture the attention of people who are potentially interested in your business is using your bot to let them know what it is that you do. You are turning people from cold to warm leads and moving them down your sales funnel by presenting your business in a way that is appealing to your target audience.

By providing custom-oriented interactive experiences, instead of sales-oriented experiences, a chatbot will help you raise your brand awareness.

You can do this by providing a menu at the bottom of your Messenger window. This will allow people to ask questions and learn some useful information about your business, like who you are and what you do.

How Businesses Use Chatbot Facebook Messenger?

Following are some examples, and good practices of chatbots use for Facebook Messenger so you can get inspired.


Through the Facebook Messenger chatbot, people are able to discover new recipes based on the ingredients. Also, you can narrow down the ideas by dietary restriction or dish type, all this with the help of the chatbot.

Bud Light

In 2017 during the NFL season, this company created a chatbot that could order and deliver a case of beer in under an hour, which was a great way to promote their team-branded cans. Each game day, the bot reminded users it was time to re-stock the fridge. Through geo-targeting, bots were able to find the best delivery partners for that area. All in all, this was a genius use of the Chatbot Facebook Messenger.


We all know that Sephora is famous for offering free makeup at their stores, and the Chatbot Facebook Messenger they used was able to eliminate five steps from the booking process, which led to a much higher booking rate at their stores.

Our Tips for Writing Facebook Chatbot Messages

How do you create messages that are effective? We’ve included some tips you should keep in mind when you’re building your chatbot Facebook Messenger.

Use Emojis

The point of bots is to establish a communication that will be less format than other types of communication. Adding a few emojis to your message can reduce the need for using too many words, while it makes the communication friendlier and more fun.

Don’t Use Too Much Text

Make sure that your messages don’t seem spammy. Ask questions and provide options for a person to respond with, and never send too many messages one after another. Remember that the interaction shouldn’t look like an email, but instead, it should be a conversation with a potential client.

Be Transparent

One of the most attractive features of the bot is its ability to remember and store data. However, you need to be honest with users about retaining their data. Give your users information about what type of data will be stored and how you plan to use it, and if there’s an option, a person can choose to opt-out.

Use GIFs and Images

Using GIFs and images can make the conversation look a lot more authentic and real.

Use Breaks Between Your Messages

By using text breaks between your paragraphs, you can avoid large blocks of text that look overwhelming and can tire the reader. We also recommend that you mimic a normal conversation by having two- or three seconds pass between messages.

Have A Human Available

Although a chatbot Facebook messenger can help with many tasks, there are still some things that require the attention of a human. Bots are incredibly responsive and speedy, but they can’t (yet!) replace human connection. If the customers want to connect with a customer support representative at any point in the conversation, they should be able to do that.

Continue Learning

When you’re done building your chatbot Facebook messenger, you need to integrate it into your overall Facebook strategy. Keep track of the performance of the chatbots and continuously work on improving it.

Have An ‘Unsubscribe’ Option

If they want to, people should have the option to unsubscribe. It makes no sense to have subscriptions from people who aren’t interested in your business, no matter if it builds up your bot following. You also don’t want people to hold a grudge against your business for getting messages and not being able to turn them off.

Some other tips that are worth mentioning are:

  • Use simple and clear language in order for all of your customers to understand you.
  • Instead of using a robotic and formal tone, use a friendly human tone.
  • Don’t use open-ended answers, but instead, use guided responses.
  • Categorize and plan the uses and the scripts for your chatbot.
  • Use positive and neutral sentences to enhance a positive shopping experience and interaction for your customers.
  • Update and optimize your chatbot based on the latest trends in technology
  • To understand how your chatbot performs, track everything

At Ideta, our Facebook Auto-Reply App sends private messages and public replies to people who comment on your Facebook posts. The app is completely free, and you don’t need any knowledge in coding in order to implement it.

Final Thoughts

Your audience will love the interaction with your Facebook Messenger bot if you provide them with content that is valuable to them. Set up a chatbot for Facebook Messenger to enjoy the endless benefits they offer. If you’re not using Facebook Messenger chatbots for your business, you’re definitely missing out!

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