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Deploy your chatbot with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system (TMS) that allows you to quickly and easily update code snippet on your website or app. By using GTM to add your chatbot to your website, you can have a quick overview of all scripts and featurse intalled on your website.

Ideta GTM template

How to add Ideta's GTM template to your workspace?

1. Open the Google Tag Manager Dashboard of your corresponding workspace

If you have several workspace for different website, make sure to add your template to the right one.

Then, on the Tag Templates Section, click on "Search Gallery" and type "Ideta" on the search bar.

Accept and add Ideta's template.

Ideta GTM template is now on your workspace! We just have to use it.

How to set up your template to your workspace

Go to your Tag menu and create a new Tag.

In the Tag Type window, choose "Ideta"

How to find your bot's ID and URL in Ideta

Go to the "Publish" section of your chatbot. You'll find all the code needed for the GTM installation

You can easily copy the code by clicking on the "Copy" button.

Past the code in the corresponding field.

For the triggers, you can add "All Pages" if you want your chatbot to appears on all the pages of your website, or target specific pages.

Publish your workspace!

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