What is Dialogflow?

Dialogflow is a development framework owned by Google for building AI powered chatbot. It uses NLP, a field in machine learning to process human language.

Dialogflow translate natural human language into data that machine can handle and then, respond to your customer accordingly. By using Dialogflow you can simulate natural conversation experiences with your customer and boost their engagement.

Expand the possibilities of Dialogflow

Cut on your development costs

no code chatbot

Our app can be used without any coding at all. This let experts build their chatbot with ease and no-code

Be there when customers need you

livechat agent

Sometime AI is not enough. With our app you can take on the chat and discuss live with your user

Tailor conversations to customers' needs

save user input chatbot

You can save the information your customer send you when chatting and use it again later

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Take over conversations instantly

When your chatbot is stuck or you can take over the conversation and chat live with your customer.
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Save user' data and conversations

Save users email, name or phone number in your data base so you can contact them again.
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Link to your API without coding

Link the chatbot to any API. You can make it notify you when customers start chatting with your bot and more.
analytics dashboard

Analyse data with our Dashboard

We integrated an Analytic Dashboard, you can see how well your chatbot perform in order to make it better.

Implement Dialogflow with 3 steps and no code

What do our customers say ?

talan chatbot

"It allows to build more effectively and with some ease pretty everything we want around a chatbot."

Lao-Dja Tchala

heho transparent logo

"Easy setup Versatile use Great and reactive support."

Thomas Brodacki

fmlogistic transparent logo

"Very short implementation time, a team that responds very quickly to our requests, immediate adoption of our employees."

Sylvie Sovis

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