Use Dialogflow without coding !

Building and maintaining a AI chatbot is a simple process with Ideta. No coding required.


Just write some example sentences you would like your chat/voicebot to understand.


Connect to Dialogflow and start building you smart experience with no coding. You are live after a few minutes work.


Regularly, capitalize on user feedbacks to improve the training of your chatbot. It's only a few clicks.

Get started with artificial intelligence !

No credit card. No engagement.

Get started - it's free

How does it work ?

Have a quick look at the video below. It will show how to make a smart chatbot in less than three minutes. It is really easy. We provide you with step by step tutorials and a very efficient Customer Success Team that will answer any of your questions in no time.

Make your chatbots and voicebots smarter

Your chatbot does not want to stay dumm. It can learn to be better !


How does it compare to Dialogflow alone ?

You are not the first to ask yourself that. We prepared a blog article on that matter. Just click below to discover the many reasons you should use Ideta with Dialogflow. But basically, it is just because it is simpler.

Read the article

Do not lose time... Get on board with a webinar !

Attend our weekly webinars (every Friday at 1:30 PM - Paris Time) on "why and how to combine Ideta and Dialogflow ?"


Not available on Fridays at 1:30 PM (Paris Time) ? Book a private demo or send us an email at to have a private copy of the webinar.


What do our customers say ?

"It allows to build more effectively and with some ease pretty everything we want around a chatbot."

Lao-Dja Tchala

"Easy setup Versatile use Great and reactive support."

Thomas Brodacki

"Very short implementation time, a team that responds very quickly to our requests, immediate adoption of our employees."

Sylvie Sovis

Get started - it's free