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Whitelabel Chatbot: Why Switch to Customer Support Automation

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What if you could offer your customers a personal, human-like chat experience that was available 24/7? This is exactly what a whitelabel chatbot can do for you.

The global pandemic has shown that businesses need to reduce their cost and increase productivity.

Automation is the best way to achieve this.

Chatbots can save up to 30% on customer service and are one of the trendiest new technology in business automation that spans all industries.

So, let’s discuss some of the amazing benefits your customers can experience by replacing their human customer support team, with whitelabel chatbots

chatbot whitelabel branding
Different type of design on many platform

What is a Whitelabel Chatbot:

Chatbots are simply conversational tools designed to hold a conversion.

They analyze natural language and are able to provide instant contextual responses based on the information provided. In short, you ask a chatbot a question and it answers that question in a natural and helpful way.

Whitelabel chatbots are unbranded chatbots that you can purchase from a company such as Ideta, slap your own brand on, and use on your website or for your application.

With a white label chatbot you have complete controle over your chatbot’s UI and design.

If you’re a freelance developer or a software agency, you can easily customize the chatbot according to your client’s requirements, and resell it without writing a single line of code. It saves you a lot of time, keeps costs down, and keeps your customers happy.

Why Use a Whitelabel chatbot Solution:

Developing a personalized chatbot from scratch is hard and it is time-consuming as well. You need to do a lot of research, coding, quality testing, prototyping, and the list goes on. Plus, if you don’t have a background in machine learning and NLP, forget it!

Whitelabel solutions are ready-made and low-cost. You can resell them to your customers in no time and they can start experiencing the benefits right away. Plus, the money you spend on buying a whitelabel chatbot can be recovered from billing your customers, with a profit of course.

They can also be styled to match your branding, whether that’s your customer’s branding or it’s coming from your own in-house designers. Ideta solution provide no code editor type windows that let you drag and drop logos or choose colours from a hex wheel.

Basically, whitelabel solutions give you the flexibility to customize the chatbot any way you want. Should it be for your business or your customers, it can be easily designed, branded, and implemented to suit any and all business chatbot needs.

Here are some of the key benefits of using a white label solution:

  • No advertisement from the service providers.
  • You can customize a whitelabel solution however you want. It can be tailor-made to fit the client’s branding.
  • Whitelabel solution providers often have several subscription packages for different service tiers and better match your customer’s needs.
  • You’ll receive continuous support from the providers throughout your subscription period.
  • From the setup process to any issues with the software integration and configuration, everything will be managed by the providers.

Why Invest in a Whitelabel Chatbot:

70% of consumers prefer chatbots for receiving an instant response, according to research by Finances Online. The same research found that 41% of consumers believe chatbots provide a better customer experience than human agents.

That’s less than half, but considering the cost-saving benefits and the ability to use a Chatbot to answer simple questions, it’s worth it.

Chatbots such as Ideta not only automates your customer support but can also transfer complex queries over to a human agent automatically, allowing for a highly satisfying customer support experience.

Chatbots are quickly becoming the industry standard for a premium customer support experience. To an extent that 80% of the businesses are predicted to implement chatbots for seamless customer communication within the next five years.

So, if you’re not using chatbots or any conversational AI in your business, you’re lagging behind the competition.

Let’s look at some of the major benefits your business can achieve by investing in a chatbot.

1. Reduce Your Customer Support Cost

No matter the size of your business, customer support takes a good chunk out of your overall budget. It gets especially tough for small and medium-scale firms that are on a tight budget and limited resources.

Outsourcing your customer support services to a whitelabel chatbot can reduce that cost by a lot. They are mostly offered at a very affordable price, with options for all types and sizes of companies.

Comparing this with a fully functional customer support team that has several employees, you’ll understand just how much you’re saving in employee wages and operations cost.

If you’re not too keen on replacing your entire customer support team, you can easily use a combination of chatbot and human customer support agents. The chatbot can attend to general inquiries, where the agent will step in on more complex inquiries.

Even then, you’ll be reducing your customer support cost by a lot.

2. Increase Your Customer Service Quality:

As a customer, what is the one thing you hate most about customer service calls or chats? In most cases, it’ll be a long wait time.

When customer inquiry increases, the queue on call and chats can get long and frustrating. It can really damage business reputation, to a point where people just don’t want to deal with your business.

Chatbots can completely eliminate this problem. No matter what time of the day people visit your website or call your customer service, chatbots are always on standby to provide an instant response to those customer queries.

With AI-powered chatbot solutions like Ideta’s Dialogflow Chatbot, you can easily set up a list of questions and answers relevant to your business and customers. Chatbots use natural language processing technology (NLP) to learn from those dialogues, and have a real conversation with your customers, as soon as they try to reach your business.

Chatbots can provide customer support 24/7, so customers can communicate with your business anytime. With no wait time and instant response, chatbots can take your customer service quality to the next level, creating greater customer satisfaction.

3. Multi-Channel Communication:

In today's world of social media, mobile devices and the internet, customer support is no longer restricted to just a phone or email. Your main business platform might be your website, but you still have to engage in social media and other digital platforms to engage with a large customer base.

It’s really difficult for traditional customer support teams to efficiently manage multi-channel communication with the customers. You’ll be looking into managing separate customer support teams for social media, your website, voice calls, emails, and so on. But again, this will increase your cost and increase your workload.

Chatbots are an excellent solution in such scenarios. Whitelabel chatbot providers such as Ideta provides different chatbot solutions that can be easily integrated into multiple platforms. Solutions such as Facebook Auto Reply Bot can instantly reply to Facebook comments and private messages on your business page, and livechat solutions can automate customer support on your website.

Using chatbots can help you to create meaningful connections with customers across all channels.

4. Reduce Workload:

By automating customer support with a chatbot, you'll be freeing up a lot of your human resources.

With fewer employees involved in the customer support process, the workload on HR management will decrease. This will give you a chance to better manage your workforce and increase productivity. It will improve your overall work culture and work environment.

Why Choose Ideta for your whitelabel chatbot:

Ideta helps companies build their own chatbots, voicebots or callbots, by providing them with powerful, yet easy to use software. You don’t need any coding or technical skills to create your own chatbot with Ideta.

With Ideta, you have complete control over your chatbot’s design. From the chat bubble’s colour to the pop-up size, shape, and icon, you can easily create your own customized chatbot with Ideta.

Customize your chatbot to make it match your branding

Remember we mentioned Natural Language Processing (NLP) earlier in the article? Chatbots use the NLP technology to learn from the dialogues or Q&A’s that you’ve entered to provide the most realistic response to your customers.

Ideta’s chatbot takes it a step further. With Ideta you can manage your NLP in one interface and you can export this NLP to many NLP providers such as Dialogflow, or Amazon’s Alexa.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Ideta’s chatbots:

  • Multichannel Communication: You can deploy Ideta’s chatbot to your Facebook, Messenger, SMS, Slack, Teams, website, Google Home, and much more)
  • Free Trial: Take all the time you want to create your chatbot. Once it’s ready, you also have a 14 days free trial before committing to any long-term subscriptions
  • Secure software: Data security is one of the highest priorities of our chatbots. Ideta provides 3 types of hosting: SaaS, dedicated cloud, or dedicated private server).
  • Scalable: You can create as many chatbots as you want, as generate as many interactions without any extra cost.
  • Accessible: There are voice functions on all chatbots, making them accessible to people with disabilities.

How to use Ideta to customize your chatbot

Once your chatbot is done and ready, you can start to customize it to your colors. At Ideta, we let your have a complete controle over its design.

Let’s see the main components your can change!

ideta bot design
You can customize every single aspect of your chatbot

1. Modify your chat window

Your chat window is one of the most important visual design part of your bot. Its where your user will spend most time so you have to make it pleasant to use.

With Ideta’s whitelabel chatbot, you can not only change the color but also your bubble margin, border and even radius!

custom design chatbot
Change the colors, the background and more!

2. Customize your icon and bubble

Use a friendly avatar that makes people want to click and chat with your bot. Customize its colors and size to make it blend with your website design.

customizable bot
Just click on the element you want to modify

3. Add a home menu

The home menu is optional and its here to introduce your chatbot to your user. You can change its displayed text and color. Explain what your chatbot is for so your user know what kind of questions they can ask you.

white label chatbot
Make a good looking home menu so your user want to chat with you

To Sum It Up

Chatbots provide such benefits and convenience that can’t be matched by the traditional human customer support teams. Whitelabel solutions also offer a unique opportunity to freelance developers and software agencies to resell powerful ready-made and customized chatbots to their clients.

Whether it's for your business or your clients, such solutions save you the hassle of complex software development and coding. It’s an investment for your company that will help you create meaningful connections with customers across all channels.

Check out Ideta’s whitelabel chatbot solutions to start on the journey of automating your customer support today.

white label chatbot for freelance
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