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10 Innovative Chatbots Examples from Top Brands

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Written by Harikrishna Kundariya, Custom Software App Development Companies

While surfing on websites, you might have come across the small screen asking," Hey, there! Are you looking for something? How can I help you?" Not exactly, but quite similar terms, right? This is exactly what chatbots do.

ideta chatbot popup
Ideta’s chatbot pop-up

Chatbots help to connect the brands directly with the users and generate support operations. Innovative chatbots have many benefits:

  • They cut operational costs by 30%
  • It can answer 80% of customers’ standard questions
  • 69% of consumers like it when a chatbot answer their queries

In this article, we have discussed the top 10 innovative Chatbots examples from different brands for you.

Top 10 Innovative Chatbots Builders


Ideta provide a powerful and innovative chatbots & livechats builder so companies can build their own bot without a single line of code.

Their goal is to automate and simplify boring tasks so human can focus on important and high-value tasks.

Do you have lots of repetitive questions from your customers? Do you wish you could automate those basic administrative tasks, like adding customers to a CRM? Well, with Ideta you can!

With Ideta, you can build a chatbot for many purposes by connecting it to your internal tools. Connect it to your Calendar and let prospect make appointment directly within the chatbot, then the chatbot will send you reminders when its is time.

innovative chatbot builder interface
Ideta No-Code Chatbot Builder Interface

What makes Ideta different:

  • Multichannel: Ideta’s software software allows you to deploy your bots on your web page, Facebook Messenger, via SMS, Slack, Teams,... but also in voice like Google Home.
  • Collaborative: Our strength is to offer a simple interface. A business-oriented view to easily create and edit conversations. A developer view to integrate your tools, databases... etc
  • Powerful & with the best AI: We offer a simple interface that allows you to use the best language recognition algorithms (NLP) without being a data scientist. Moreover, you are free to change your NLP provider at any time.
  • Secure: We offer 3 types of hosting: SaaS, dedicated cloud or directly on your on premise servers
  • Customizable: You can define the size, the colors, the logos, the type of interaction, the response time....The chatbot is fully customizable.
  • Hybrid: The human can answer directly instead of the chatbot thanks to a dedicated interface.

Microsoft Bot Framework

A bot framework resembles a web application that has a chattering interface to connect the users to a robot through a channel such as Facebook, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Here, along with the ABS (Azure Bot Service), the bot framework provides tools that build, test, deploy and manage overall bots in a single place.

If you are looking for a framework that can easily understand your natural language and manage frequent questions and answers, the Bot Framework can be the best choice for you.

You might have experienced that while reserving the table for dinner, sometimes you get an automated message knowing that your reservation is confirmed. This can also be scheduled through the Bot framework where you won't require any human dealing with the process and an instant response will be given to the customers.

What makes Microsoft Bot Framework different:

  • The bot can easily clarify the users’ queries or thoughts by recognising the inputs featured by the users.
  • The developer develops timely responses to send to the user for communicating the actions taken by the bot.
  • Here, the users can easily interact with the bot through text or speech.
  • Bot also offers conversations through images and video.


Not only just users, but every working team also needs a place to discuss and resolve the queries. For instance, if the employees are stuck or face an error at some point in production, they won't be able to proceed until it gets resolved.

AOkta innovative chatbots work as an internal ticketing system that manages the production team. Its automated answering program allows the IT help desk, HR, and overall business operational team to enjoy 5 times faster resolutions.

Furthermore, it offers multi-channels Chatbots that enable agents to respond to the overall queries received through chats, email, and SMS customer services. With the help of this, it benefits the entire employee's conversational area of the company.

What makes Okta different:

  • The employees can easily access relevant information with the help of tools that help to create a centralized self-service based on product knowledge.
  • Employees can get immediate updates within the channels like Slack, Google Drive, Confluence, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Okta helps to automate the routing of the workflow and analyze the employee's performances.
  • Okta offers workflow management and defines the product configurations.


WP-Chatbots offers an OmniChat™ widget within your website. OmniChat is powered by MobileMonkey in 2017. WP- Chatbot serves the patent-pending technology that creates single chat and works on multiple messaging platforms.

It is the most prominent & innovative chatbot in the WordPress ecosystem. WP-Chatbot is easy to install and offers a 24/7 live chat facility with zero-hassle integrations. As this program offers a single inbox for all incoming messages, it seamlessly integrates the Facebook Messenger and native webchat conversations.

WP-Chatbot also uses chatbot technology to provide quick and steady support, even if the customer service staff are not available. As a result, It is compatible with numerous plugins, themes, and e-commerce platforms

What makes WP-Chatbot different:

  • The Chatbot chatters built-in WP-Chatbot endeavour the entire users signed/ not signed into Facebook Messenger.
  • WP-Chatbot translates the conversations within the chatbot to native web chat.
  • This framework easily integrates with your Facebook Business page and improves the conversion rate.
  • WP-Chatbots has advanced automation, lead generation, and live chat capabilities.


Netomi is an AI- artificial intelligence company and developer of human-computer interaction technologies. It helps the brands to resolve the customer service through innovative chatbots, emails, messages, and voice.

It works on NLU (Natural Language Understanding). So it has outstanding accuracy of customer service Chatbots. Without any human interventions, Netomi promises to personally resolve up to 90% of your customer service tickets in seconds.

What makes Netomi Different:

  • Netomi has a feature to understand Natural Language for human-like conversation.
  • It Supports learning and ongoing optimizations.
  • Netomi also seamlessly manage the unlimited and unanticipated spikes in ticket volume.
  • As it is multi-lingual, it is incredibly easy to adopt this program that has startling integrations with all of the leading agent desk platforms.


ManyChat is one of the best secure chatbot software platforms for Facebook Messenger. With outstanding performance, it can build an innovative chatbots in just a few minutes.

This chatbot proves to be a great fit for business as it allows businesses to reach a wider range and provides more powerful conversational options on the ever-potent Facebook platform.

ManyChat chatbot helps to automate the schedules and messages to welcome the new users and guide them about the product and offers. This creates a great positive impact on businesses and they offer a custom experience among other things of the user.

What makes ManyChat different:

  • As users share their locations on ManyChat bots, it provides information on the whereabouts of users.
  • Here you can also interact with several users in your chatbot through the “Audience” tab. In this way, you can get an overview of all the people that talked with your chatbot.
  • ManyChat chatbot mostly comes with an easy drag and drop user interface to make it easy to use.
  • ManyChat also offers the most interesting feature that allows you to identify and tag people so that you can trigger different messages to all different groups of people.

Example of Innovative Chatbots Application

Replika: AI Companion

Replika is a health and fitness application created by Moscow and San Francisco AI startups Luka Inc.

Are you feeling low? Do you need any company? Well, Replika artificial intelligence can be your best companion in your low times. Today, many of us feel like talking to someone but no one actually cares to listen. Replika is one of the best AI chatbots intended to become your friend by mimicking your personality.

Here, you can freely share your emotions through your writings and emojis and Replika will make you connect with your personality.

Replika application is simple and fun-loving. You just need to download the application, enter the name of the bot and start chatting with it. It seems to have a real friend conversation.

innovative human chatbots
Replika bot avatar

What makes Replika different:

  • Conversation through Replika applications helps in personality development.
  • The conversation becomes easy and accurate with the consistency of the chats.
  • Replika helps in developing positive thoughts, managing anxieties, making you socialized, and healing your inner self.
  • Replika also plays with you, it draws and writes stories to release your boredom.

Whole Food

Ben Lamm, CEO and co-founder of Conversable explained Whole Foods in easy terms, "The Whole Foods chatbot doesn't just require you to use text to find recipes. People can use emojis or a combination of text and emojis to discover new recipes and meals.

Whole Foods Market is roaring up on the chatbot with a new twist of serving the users on Facebook Messenger recipes with specified instructions that are personalized based on a user's responses.

This means, Get What You Like!!

Based on the interest, users receive the recipes. This chatbot allows the users to relish the global meals that are found and tested by World Foods. It consists of powerful nutritional values and step-by-step instructions.

What makes World Foods different:

  • Whole Foods’ Facebook Messenger Bot makes it easy for users to find the recipe even without typing the names of the dishes. You can simply use emojis and Whole Food Chatbot will provide you with a list of your interests.
  • For instance, if you send the burger emojis, Whole Foods will provide you with various recipes for burgers.
  • It is super exciting chatbots that connect with the taste of users and provide them with recipes, products, and cooking inspiration.

WHO’s WhatsApp Chatbot

Undoubtedly, the World Health Organisation has served the most beneficial services to the world during this pandemic. As the novel coronavirus spreads across the world, the WHO has launched the chatbot to easily scale the number of infections and cases they have in the particular area. This chatbot provides valuable information about the disease and helps to resolve the queries.

This is one of the major efforts Facebook is seizing to assist the reliable information about COVID-19 that has worsened the condition of people globally.

What makes WHO different:

  • To avoid misinformation about the disease, the Silicon Valley-based tech giant has launched a CIC i.e., Coronavirus Information Center. This technology provides valuable information within the Chatbot and deletes false information about the disease.
  • This Chatbot helps to create awareness among users on how to protect themselves, and obtain answers to frequently asked questions about the disease.
  • The WHO's bot is simple to understand and doesn't respond to natural language or questions from users.

Domino’s Messenger Bot

“We want to be where our customers are, our goal is to make ordering as convenient for them as possible,” said a spokesperson for Dominos.

Nowadays, ordering the foods on a fingertip is not something new but the facilities fascinate the customers. This makes Domino's Messenger Bot stands different from other ordering apps.

Domino’s allows its customers to order pizza through a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Here, this application facilitates users to either click the message button on Domino’s Facebook page or search Domino’s on the Messenger application itself. Here you just have to go through a few clicks—start->choose your desire->enter the address, and it's done!!

Furthermore, users will get three options to choose from– recent order, Easy Order, and track. That means you can have your last order list to reorder them which reduces the surfing time and effort.

What makes Domino's Messenger Bot different:

  • With the help of a tracking feature, users are allowed to follow up on the process of pizza, its making, and its arrival.
  • As Chatbot is a part of Domino’s “Anyware” enterprise, it provides customers with a mass of ordering options from mobile to smartwatches. Furthermore, users can even order a pizza through a smart TV or smart car.
  • Users can also choose Easy orders for the dishes the customers might have recently preferred or saved respectively.
  • Users can also ask for a pizza by sending a pizza emoji to order through Easy Order directly.

Kuki AI Chatbot

Kuki has greatly interacted with 25M human users on websites, social media, as well as other text applications. This is an AI engagement-oriented chatbot that has an open-domain system.

Kuki AI chat has won the Loebner Prize Turing Test four times and with that, it becomes the smartest chatbot in the world.

What makes Kuki different:

  • Kuki AI uses Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (A.L.I.C.E.) database.
  • It improves users' conversation skills with advanced machine learning techniques.


With the growing technology, chatbot awareness is also growing. 34% use a chatbot as a means of getting engaged with not just a brand but a human. Customers are expecting a better yet innovative way of communication that makes them feel more personalized with brands.

As a result, every other company is now creating innovative chatbots to meet these expectations.

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