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The Multifaceted Role of Performance Testing

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Recent trends do come and go, but the reality that mobile and web applications existed for innovations for a long period of time makes it an even more important matter to discuss. Performance testing is important to have a reliable, stable, and scaled software application for everyone to enjoy and experience.

Evaluating how the operating system works on the applications, identifying potential barriers and blocks, and optimizing the apps’ performance are a few reasons why testing is an important matter during the developing stage. Performance testing services are offered for companies and developers to partner with to avoid unnecessary issues in the long run. Thus, having a team that can work on the app problems makes it an even better solution.

Websites and mobile applications do crash and have performance issues which can definitely affect how the users enjoy the services offered by the application.

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What Is Performance Testing And Why It is Important?

Reliable. Stable. Scalable. Three reasons why developers must perform application testing on all products offered. Performance tests are executed to check the following:

  • Browser, page, and network
  • Server requests and processing time
  • Acceptable concurrent volumes and applications
  • Processor memory consumption, number of errors, and app codes

All those above-mentioned things are then tabulated and assessed during performance testing. An issue in one area makes the whole testing challenging for the set of individuals who must do something to correct the issue and make adjustments to the application itself.

In short, performance testing ensures the applications’ speed, reliability, and compatibility with various products to make a whole new app experience for the users. All about performance testing means only one thing – a working application for everyone to enjoy and experience. As a user, it's vital to use an application without worrying about how long it will function or how fast it can send information.

Types Of Performance Testing

With the increasing demand for smartphones and other devices, it is essential for developers to know the types of performance testing and how they can play a huge role in the overall product. To ensure the correct operation of such products in real-life situations, these mobile app performance testing procedures are then needed:

  • Slow Loading Time
  • Long Response Time
  • Poor Scalability Issues
  • Performance Bottlenecks
  • System Reliability Issues

Being able to know the results of the above-mentioned things can help the developers to make adjustments and have a whole new application for the users to enjoy and navigate. It's very important to create an interface in which all would like to experience to check which is also detrimental to the companies’ growth in the industry. Here are the types of performance testing that we need to know:

Load Testing

In load testing, the team increases the number of people who are using the application in one single time. This means a chunk of users are in the application, and the testing team will be able to record the loading time as the number of users increases in a certain period of time. The team can also check the behavior of the applications during such moments. If the loading time is at its optimum, we can check the response time and the power capabilities of the app as well.

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Stress Testing

Just like any other device, an application is subject to be under stress when its hardware sources like CPU, memory, disk space, and others are at their lowest level. Meaning, the insufficiency of such hardware makes the whole system experience stress. Stress testing aims to check the stability of the system which is under such circumstances. Moreover, this test helps to enhance the system's recovery when it is under stress.

Spike Testing

Spike testing is a test conducted to evaluate the system's weakness when it comes to decrementing or incrementing the load inserted into the system. This way, we can assess how the application works when a sudden change in the load happens. The developer can then minimize the occurrence of problems due to insufficient system performance.

Endurance Testing

Endurance testing is another test that can evaluate the ability of the system to work over a long period of time, which, of course subjected to a big amount of load in a certain time. The testers let the system run for long hours to thoroughly check how it works during such situations. After that, we can highlight the issues and make some corresponding changes to the codes or to the design of the application itself.

Scalability Testing

This test can evaluate the capability of an application to scale up user traffic, a number of transitions, and the data volume in the system. Moreover, we can also determine the scaling peak in the system during the whole testing duration. Once we determine the right value of the load, we can then ensure that the system is still scalable even with a high amount of load inserted in the system. In short, the whole test can determine the errors in the software, hardware, and database performance.

Volume Testing

One important test to check is the volume or inflow of users that the application or software can hold. In this test, we check the performance of the software under various databases or various operating systems. Results can now show if the software is able for real-world usage for more users.

Bottomline – Performance Testing Is A Needed Investment

At this time, having a well-working application or software is a much-needed service that users can enjoy. As a company, providing a good service for the consumers is one important thing to keep the business going for a long period of time.

Partnering with a team that can help in achieving this goal by conducting tests and evaluations on the product can help the company to strive in a growing industry. Be with a team that makes changes and creates something for every user to enjoy – invest in better services.

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