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Social Selling Index on LinkedIn | How to Boost It

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Since its inception, LinkedIn has become the largest and most popular platform where businesses and individuals can communicate and expand their networks. However, it offers many more advantages than finding and connecting with potential business partners or employers. One such advantage is the social selling index on LinkedIn or SSI, which you can use to improve your brand, increase engagement, and reach your sales targets more efficiently. So, let’s see what the SSI on LinkedIn is about and how you can increase it!

social selling index on LinkedIn
Photographer: Souvik Banerjee | Source: Unsplash

What Is Social Selling Index on LinkedIn?

The SSI on LinkedIn is a measurement tool that LinkedIn created to help its users value and track their selling efforts. Additionally, the tool uses metrics and analytics to show how well your profile is doing across different areas and what you need to improve.

The score is based on four basic factors, including:

  • Creating a professional brand - you should make your personal or business brand with your customers in mind. This means your profile should be beneficial and meaningful to those you target.
  • Finding the right partners - creating connections with people relevant to your industry is vital so you can find potential customers more efficiently. For this purpose, LinkedIn has many search tools that help you connect with professionals and expand your network.
  • Interacting with insights - the more you engage with curated content on your LinkedIn feed, the better your social selling index will be. This includes sharing relevant updates about yourself, commenting on posts, and showing interest in topics in your field.
  • Strengthening relationships - LinkedIn is all about fostering relationships with others. So, you can use it to build trust with your peers and connect with leaders in your field.

Finding Your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn

To find your SSI on LinkedIn, here’s what you need to do:

  • Log into your account
  • Go to the SSI dashboard ->
  • On the dashboard, you will see your overall score and data for each metric
  • You can use the data from the dashboard as the basis for improving your SSI
Excerpt from Linkedin’s Dashboard about Social Selling Index
Dashboard about Social Selling Index on Linkedin

Tips for Boosting Your Social Selling Index on LinkedIn

Now that we know more about the social selling index on LinkedIn, we can move on to seeing how you can boost it. There are many different things you can do to increase your SSI score, including the following:

Complete Your Profile

Having a profile that is 100% completed is vital. So, make sure you fulfill all the available fields, and be as detailed as possible. Also, focus on creating an engaging summary and fun headline to attract visitors. Additionally, do not forget to add your volunteer work, certifications, education, and projects you’ve taken part in.

Also, don’t be shy about your skills. Instead, make sure to add everything you can do so that potential employers or customers can see your true potential.

Use an Appropriate Photo

The profile photo you use impacts your overall social selling index on LinkedIn. So, it should be simple but professional. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to get a pro photographer to take it. Just make sure that the photo is not too much and that the focus is on your face.

Share and Engage With Valuable Content

The content you share should be helpful to the customers you target. Also, you should focus on interacting with meaningful posts that add value to your profile. This will show potential partners that you are interested in the latest developments in your field and that you are open to learning new things.

However, engaging with posts can take up a lot of time. Luckily, there are many tools you can use to make the process more efficient. One such tool is Ideta. This tool makes everything easier and faster because it offers AI-generated comments you can edit and post instantly. It can also improve your overall interaction with others, no matter the language they speak. Essentially, it makes your LinkedIn experience better and more productive.

Search More Efficiently

One way to improve your social selling index is to use keywords and Boolean operators when doing an Advanced Search on LinkedIn. This way, you ensure that you get the most accurate results for the things you are looking for.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Premium users can take advantage of the many filters available in the Advanced Search option to find the leaders and decision-makers of companies more easily. Also, Premium users can use the Saved Searches option to get daily or weekly updates on new projects.

Use the Lead Builder

You can find the Lead Builder function on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Specifically, this function makes Advanced Search more efficient. Namely, it allows you to use any filter you wish to find potential partners within a company. Also, you can use it to save the leads you want in one place. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to come back and find the prospects you’ve saved once you need to.

Add Your Prospects to Your Network

To increase your social selling index, you need to add your prospects to your professional network. So, after talking with potential partners or employees, make sure to add them as a connection.

Showcase Your Expertise

Aside from sharing others’ content that is relevant to your field, it’s vital to also post your own. This way, you ensure that your peers and leaders in the market see your potential and contribution to the industry. Also, this can help your market yourself better and attract more visits to your profile.

Final Thoughts on the Social Selling Index on LinkedIn

Overall, SSI on LinkedIn is an excellent tool that can help you market yourself and your brand better. Also, it can increase your reach by helping you expand your network and connect with pros and leaders in your industry.

So, do not miss out on this amazing opportunity and start boosting your social selling index on LinkedIn today by using the tips mentioned above!

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