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5 tools you need to have in your toolkit to meet your lead generation goals

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Lead generation is the act of creating and nurturing potential customers for your services or products. Every marketer aims to convert interested prospects into their sales pipeline and meet their fixed lead generation goals.

Effective lead generation strategies help build strong relationships with potential and qualified clients. So this makes it easy to convert these customers into loyal and long-term clients.

Lack of enough leads will contribute to the failure of your business. But with the right tools, you can spot the difference with your lead generation. Let’s explore a few tools you need to help you meet your lead generation goals!

Landing Page Builder

You can’t ignore landing page builders if you’re looking to meet your lead generation goals. Landing pages are one of the essential aspects of every online business. It is not enough to publish a blog article once a week and expect new leads to come in.

According to a top-rated web agency in New York, you can leverage landing pages for email marketing.

Moreover, all sales pages should use the power of the landing pages. Email advertising has been the main source of lead generation for a long time.

The landing pages are built at the top of the funnel to get the visitor’s attention and interest. So minimal changes can greatly impact your lead generation goals and profits over time.

Naturally, landing pages have a greater conversion rate. But generic pages or blog posts take a long for prospects to convert. But, you’ll notice the conversion rate of the landing pages differing drastically.

According to a Hubspot report, the average conversion rate of a landing page is 5 to 15%. However, conversion can go higher to 30% or more when you invest in a good landing page builder.

You can use the following tools:

Email Finder and Marketing Services

Marketing and sales teams are the backbone of every profitable business. But you can leverage email leads for effective marketing. Email lead creation can develop prospective leads and get more customers to interact with your organization.

Every entrepreneur should include email scraping software in their marketing strategy. Bulk email finders are essential for extracting email lists for potential customers. They can do this regardless of the country or industry of the potential clients.

The email finder will help your organization to learn more about potential clients. Moreover, it will aid in the rapid growth of your lead generation goals through the use of targeted email lists.

Additionally, a reliable email finder software works on various operating systems. So if you’re looking to cut on time when looking for potential clients’ emails, this can be the best tool for you.

Every marketer’s dream is to have a quality sales pipeline. So to nurture your sales pipeline, you must prioritize email marketing.

Naturally, most of your potential clients will end up in your sales funnel because they provided their email addresses. Therefore, a reliable email marketing provider can assist you in meeting your lead generation goals.

A great email marketing provider will keep things nice and simple to use.

You can use those following tools:

  • Hunter: With an integrated browser add-on
  • Zerobounce: A all-in-one tools for checking emails’ quality
  • Neverbounce: Can be integrated to many plateform and CRM


The most challenging part of gifting a distant relative is choosing the gift. You barely speak to them, let alone knowing what they like. But if you're gifting a friend, it's easier to choose what to give.

Similarly, marketing to a new audience is pretty tricky since you’re not aware of their interests. However, chatbots help to simplify this overwhelming and challenging task.

Ideta chatbots make it simple to understand your potential customers. Using chatbots, you can easily determine your customer's product preferences, likes, and dislikes. Besides, they help to boost your company’s lead engagement and in the same time, meet your lead generation goals!

Chatbots make it easier for your potential client to make decisions when they speak to it. They can easily ask questions, run surveys, and give quizzes to your online audience. Therefore, it is easy to understand your product’s performance in the market.

chatbot lead generation goals
You can put your chatbot everywhere on your website, on the phone and more

Moreover, using sales chatbots can help your eCommerce store generate more leads. For instance, a bot can help inquire about every visitor's interests on your site. Depending on the interest of your website's visitors, the bot will display the item or service that’s available.

Therefore, having a chatbot sounds like a vital thing that should be in your toolkit if you’re looking to meet your lead generation goals.

You can use those following tools:

  • Ideta: To easily build a chatbot that match your brand
  • Engati: For engaging your prospects
  • Snatchbot: For a multi-channel messaging bot

Form Generator

lead generation form
Image source: Wikimedia commons

Having a form on your website is a vital inbound marketing strategy. This is because inbound marketing relies on collecting contact information from potential clients.

However, most forms are ignored by visitors to a website. But with a well-optimized form, you can generate quality and more leads. Fortunately, the availability of simple plugins makes it easy to generate highly optimized forms.

With effective lead-generating forms, you can collect as many leads as possible and help you meet your lead generation goals. Besides, the forms can help gather enough data from each of your leads. The forms can help you decide which leads you can pursue immediately.

You can use those following tools:

  • Jotform: For a form that also accept paiement
  • Heyflow: To build a highly designed form that match your brand
  • Cognito Forms: It have lots of ready-to-use templates


One of the success factors in any organization has always been customer interactions.

Meeting your lead generation goals is one thing, but you need to arrange and interact with them, and ultimately, convert them into paid customers. CRM software can help organizations effectively manage their customer interactions.

A centralized database guarantees improved day-to-day efficiency and stronger client interactions.

With the activity and tasks CRM functionality, keeping your team members on the same page is easy. The software allows you to share updates, track pending tasks, take notes, and keep track of the growth of your business.

Additionally, the CRM tool can eliminate the need for manual data entry as it can automatically capture data. Moreover, the software makes it easy for team members to be up to date with current information. The all-in-one platform is a great platform as it simplifies the tracking of leads from prospect to repeat clients.

You can use those following tools:

  • Hubspot: The most renowed CRM
  • Pipedrive: For a visual representation of your sales process
  • Monday: For a truly easy-to-use CRM

Tools are essential to meet your lead generation goals!

Meeting your lead generation goals can be challenging and time-consuming. But the good news is that it’s doable.

Use email finders and marketing services, chatbots, form generators, CRMs, and landing page builders. These are essential tools that can help you achieve your lead generation goals.

Incorporating these things into your toolkit can be overwhelming. But first, you need to get out of your comfort zone to achieve these results when designing your next lead generation campaign.

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