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How to Use a Chatbot for Instagram to Boost Your Customer Service and Sales?

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Every business and business owner can benefit largely by having a faithful sidekick that helps them out on a daily basis. Of course, most people get personal assistants and employ people for this cause. However, what if I told you that there is another, more cost-effective, and efficient way to reach this goal? Well, there is, and it's called a "Chatbot for Instagram."

There are many different tools that you can use for multiple purposes, and the one that I will cover here is just another excellent addition to that list. Namely, a chatbot for Instagram can help you a lot in the customer service and sales departments and save you a lot of time and money as well. Since Instagram has become one of the most used social media platforms on the planet, many companies use it to boost sales, connect to customers, attract new ones, and much more. So, if you want to learn how you can do all that for your business, read on to find out!

What Is a Chabot for Instagram?

A chatbot for Instagram is an automated tool that you can use for multiple purposes. For instance, you can use it to respond to customers' DMs automatically. That means that you won't have to respond to each message yourself. Instead, the chatbot will do it for you.

Chatbots utilize Artificial Intelligence to communicate with people and reply to their questions. They can also make recommendations and references and connect a customer to a human agent if necessary.

Also, it would be best if you did not confuse a chatbot for Instagram with an Instagram bot. Namely, chatbots are legit and act as mediators between a company and its customers. Also, they provide real information about products, prices, etc., and are a legit customer service tool. On the other hand, Instagram bots are usually fake accounts that can scam people and steal their information, add fake likes and followers to an Instagram account, etc. They are typically used for scamming people and are also very annoying and fake.

Chatbot for Instagram

How Does a Chatbot for Instagram Work?

A chatbot for Instagram works in a similar way as other chatbots. Namely, software companies and developers build chatbots with conversation flow charts, which allow chatbots to communicate with people. A conversation flowchart is a diagram that consists of actions and steps that a chatbot takes. With a flowchart, you can program your chatbot to answer a set of pre-determined questions. Also, you can tell it what it needs to do in certain situations.

For example, you can program your chatbot to answer many frequently asked questions, such as questions about prices, work hours, whether a product is in stock, etc. Also, you can program it to redirect a customer to a live agent in specific situations.

You can also tell your chatbot how to respond to certain keywords, like "shipping," "updates," etc. When using an Instagram chatbot, you should be careful with how many tasks you let it take on and what kind of tasks you let it do. For example, your chatbot should always be able to redirect a customer to a live agent if the customer has a more complicated question or issue. In other words, it would be best if you only let your chatbot do more simple tasks and leave the more complicated ones in the hands of your employees. That way, your customers will always receive the support they need and know that they can rely on you. All of that can convert first-time customers into loyal ones and keep them coming back and using your products and services frequently.

When promoting a sale or special deals with your Instagram chatbot, you should make sure that you don't overdo it. Namely, keep the sales pitches on the down low and try not to push your products too much.

Use Cases of a Chatbot for Instagram

Now that we have covered all the basics that you need to know before getting a chatbot for Instagram, let's move on to some use cases. That way, you can get inspired and explore what they can do!

Enhance Customer Journey

As I mentioned, an Instagram chatbot can help you improve your customer service and turn first-time customers into loyal ones. It can help you improve their experience with your brand and paint a positive picture of your business in their minds. How can it do that, you might ask.

Well, it can do that by helping you respond to each customer immediately after they contact you and keep them engaged for a longer time. As we all know, no one wants to wait hours or days for someone to respond to their message, especially if the message is related to something they have paid for. Also, if someone has a problem, they want to fix it as soon as possible. With an Instagram chatbot, you can do all of that. Namely, the chatbot will automatically respond to any message in a matter of seconds. Thus, it will reduce the wait and ensure your customers that they are heard. Furthermore, it can update customers on their order's shipping status and ensure them that their package will arrive.

All in all, a chatbot for Instagram can help your customers with many small yet important issues. It can also provide them with the information they need. Thus, it can improve your customers' journey and help you provide high-quality customer services to everyone.

Attract Leads and Drive More Sales

A chatbot for Instagram is able to push your products and drive sales non-stop. Namely, since it is a program and not a human being, it can work 24/7 and promote products even while you're sleeping. So, it can boost your sales to new heights, and it can do so at all times!

A chatbot can also generate leads more efficiently and quickly compared to your live agents. Namely, since it is working non-stop, it can study how your followers behave and send them personalized messages. Also, it can push products that your followers might be interested in, which can lead to increased sales. Furthermore, it can remind your followers about certain sales and special deals that you have going on. All of that will lead to more sales and higher profits for you!

Instant Feedback and Answers About a Product or Service

As we all know, chatbots don't work a 9 to 5 job like most of us. They're around all the time. The fact they are around 24/7 can benefit your business greatly, especially if you have an international customer base in different time zones.

Namely, it can respond to customers that write a message to you after hours, even if the message is sent at 2 am. So, no matter where your customers are and when they reach out, the chatbot will be there to respond and provide them with what they need. Speaking of international customers, not all of them can speak English. So, you might encounter a language barrier that prevents people from reaching out and buying your products.

However, with a chatbot, you can remove that barrier completely. That is because chatbots can communicate in multiple languages. You can program your chatbot to communicate with users in as many languages as you want, which your customers will, without a doubt, appreciate. If you don't know which languages you should use, you can make a poll where your customers answer where they're from and which languages they speak. That way, you will know which languages to use.

Providing fast responses to customers can determine whether they buy your product or not. So, having a chatbot handle your Instagram messages can help you convince people to stop doubting and buy your products!

Collect Data About Your Customer

Now, this might sound a little scary. When I say collect data, I don't mean invading someone's privacy or anything like that. What I mean is collect the data that your customers directly and knowingly share with you.

For example, the chatbot can keep track of the questions that your customers ask, which can help you compile a list of frequently asked questions. With that list, you can program your chatbot to be ready to answer all of those questions. That way, you can improve your customer service and boost customer satisfaction.

Also, collecting such data allows you to see what your customers struggle with most and try to improve that. For instance, if your customers frequently ask about your shipping policies, that might mean that you haven't shared enough information about them. Also, it might mean that the information you provide on shipping is not clear enough and that you should improve it.

Furthermore, with an Instagram chatbot, you can find out which products or services your customers like the most. And you can make sure that you have those products in stock and ready to meet their demand. All in all, you can collect a lot of valuable information with a chatbot for Instagram. Of course, you can collect such data yourself, but the chatbot can do it much quicker. So, you will also save a lot of time!

3 Examples of a Chatbot for Instagram

Before we wrap up this article and go our separate ways, let's explore three excellent options that provide Instagram chatbot services. And if you like any of them, you won't have to search for software companies on your own. Instead, you can use one of the companies that I will mention below!


SendPulse is a multi-channel automation platform that you can use for all kinds of marketing purposes. With it, you can create email and SMS campaigns and chatbots on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

With SendPulse's Instagram chatbots, you can automate your conversations with customers on Instagram Direct and drive sales. You can set up auto-replies, manage multiple chats at the same time, and more. Also, you can react to users who mention you in their stories. That will allow you to improve your relationship with your customers and gain their trust.

Example of a Chatbot for Instagram - SendPulse

Another excellent feature that SendPulse's Instagram chatbot offers is the ability to accept payments. Namely, you can integrate your chatbot with payment systems and turn it into a sales channel. With this feature, your customers will be able to make in-chat orders, which will further improve their overall experience with buying from you!

Insta Chatbot

Insta Chatbot is a software company that allows users to create Instagram chatbots for their Shopify stores. It targets a specific audience, i.e., those who have online stores built with Shopify and want to boost sales by also selling via Instagram.

Example of a Chatbot for Instagram - Insta Chatbot

With Insta Chatbot, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Fast and immediate responses;
  • A chatbot that is available 24/7;
  • Automated replies;
  • Sales management tools;
  • Personalized customer interactions;
  • Lead generation;
  • And more.

So, this company is excellent for those who have Shopify stores and want to boost their sales and customer service with an Instagram chatbot!


Ideta is another excellent example of a software company that provides powerful chatbot solutions. It uses Artificial Intelligence in its chatbots, which allows you to automate conversations easily and provide excellent customer service.

Example of a Chatbot for Instagram - Ideta

You don't need to know how to code or have any tech experience to use Ideta's chatbots. Namely, the company's team will help you with everything you need and will set up your chatbot the way you want. Its Instagram chatbot will be available from the 1st of August 2022 and will provide all the excellent features that all its other chatbots already do!

Final Remarks on Chatbot for Instagram

Chatbots have completely revolutionized the way companies do business on a daily basis. They are cost-effective, save time, and allow you to complete multiple tasks and goals.

A chatbot for Instagram is a tool that can help you take advantage of Instagram's exceptional popularity and reach new customers. With it, you can boost your sales and improve customer service without having to spend thousands on marketing. Also, you can improve your brand image and form lasting customer relationships by always responding and providing your customers with timely and adequate information. Thus, you will be able to turn new customers into loyal ones easily and with a chatbot for Instagram.

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