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The digital transition and the project load

In recent years, technological projects have only grown.  With the explosion of the number of smartphones and social networking, it is not the new technological playgrounds that are lacking for businesses.  Now, we must go through the DSI to develop its new application project, marketplace, or others… These are all opportunities to reinvent themselves or to find themselves overheated…

There is simply no time for new projects…

It’s becoming difficult to have all the right profiles at the right time to manage all new projects. The teams can certainly adapt, but it takes time.  Not to mention the maintenance efforts, which are becoming increasingly important as the number of existing projects increases.

Chatbots: the new interface

In recent years, a recurring  project is that of the chatbot.  Indeed, it is an interesting interface.  It allows, thanks to artificial intelligence (or machine learning) to understand the intentions the user has and how to answer them automatically.  And all this is in a standardized graphical interface, that which facilitates the developments.

But the question isn’t just about the benefits of chatbots

You have to know who will produce them, how to maintain them and how to manage the whole learning phase. Between efforts to deploy to the target (Teams, Hangouts, Facebook, Google Home etc.), choosing the best technology solution (DialogFlow, Luis, Watson, Snips?), and connecting to the IT of the company, it’s not that easy to develop a useful chatbot that actually creates value.

Prerequisites for a successful chatbot project

To succeed in your chatbot projects, it’s important to be well equipped and think about what “core business” is, and what it is not. In general, the Natural Language Processing section is not.  There are excellent algorithms that exist on the shelf and can develop its use cases.

Chatbots aren’t that simple!

Next, what communication channel will I use and will there only be one?  With each new channel, there will be developmental efforts and additional delays.

Finally, once my use case is in production, how do I build reporting and how exactly do I improve it?


It’s useful to take care of tools that handle all the complexities of chatbot projects in one.  That’s why Ideta has designed a complete toolkit for developing chatbots.  The tool is so simple that maintenance can be done outside the ISD.  So don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about your next chatbot project.

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