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How to Do a Giveaway on Instagram | 6 Simple Steps

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Want to learn how to do a giveaway on Instagram but don’t know where to start? Well, in that case, this article is exactly what you need. Here, we’ll show you all the steps you need to take to do a giveaway successfully. Also, we’ll share some of the most popular tips and tricks that you can use to make your giveaway more fun and engaging.

But before we dive into the main topic, let’s learn more about what an Instagram giveaway is and why so many people use it in the first place!

How to Do a Giveaway on Instagram
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What Is an Instagram Giveaway, and Why Is It So Popular?

Giveaways on Instagram are a powerful marketing tactic that many individuals and businesses use to boost their customer engagement. In addition, a giveaway can increase people’s awareness of your brand and boost your brand’s recognition.

In other words, it helps spread the word about your company, which is one of the main reasons why so many brands use it. Since an Instagram giveaway involves giving free products to one or a few lucky winners, they can easily persuade people to try your products. And once they try them, they might end up buying more if they like them.

So, it’s a way to get people to try what you offer and introduce them to your brand. Thousands of people enter giveaways, even for products they don’t need. So, with an Instagram giveaway, you’ll be able to reach audiences that are not even a part of your target market.

To sum up, giveaways can help you increase your customer engagement, spread the word about your brand, reach new markets, and boost sales. And that’s why they’re so popular and why it is important that you learn how to do them the right way.

How to Do an Instagram Giveaway in a Few Short Steps

Now we’re onto the main part. Let’s learn how to do a giveaway on Instagram the right way!

Step 1: Determine Your Goal

Determining what the goal of your Instagram giveaway is will help you create a better strategy for it. In consequence, it’ll make your giveaway more successful. Here, you can take into consideration the following goals and choose between them:

  • Increasing your Instagram follower count.
  • Getting more subscribers for your newsletter.
  • Promoting new products or services.
  • Boosting the popularity of your website or a specific web page.
  • Collecting user-generated content from your followers. You can use the content from your Instagram giveaway later for promotions.
  • Promoting a product that hasn’t been doing well.
  • Getting more likes on Instagram.

Of course, there could be many other goals you’re trying to reach. However, those are some of the most popular ones that people want to achieve with their giveaways. Whatever your goal is, make sure to be clear about it before you launch your Instagram giveaway.

Step 2: Set the Entry Criteria

Every giveaway has specific rules that users need to follow in order to enter. There are no rules on which criteria you should use. Thus, you can use whatever you want. Below, you can find some of the most popular criteria:

  • Ask people to share your Instagram giveaway post.
  • Tell people to sign up for your newsletter or blog.
  • Say that people need to follow your other social media profiles if they want to enter the giveaway.
  • Ask people to comment on your post and/or tag friends.

Step 3: Pick a Prize

Picking a prize for your giveaway also depends on what you want to achieve with it. In other words, it depends on your goal.

So, if your goal is to promote a new product, the prize can be the product. You can also offer gift cards, vouchers, free newsletter subscriptions, etc. No matter what you offer as a prize, make sure it aligns with your goal. That way, you’ll ensure that your Instagram giveaway is successful.

Step 4: Choose a Good Hashtag and Put a Time Limit

Using hashtags for your Instagram giveaways is a great way for you to spread the word about it. And if you use a popular hashtag, your giveaway might even appear in the Explore channel. Some of the most popular giveaway hashtags include the following:

  • #giveaway
  • #giveawaytime
  • #win
  • #giveawaycontest

You can also create your own hashtag if you want to. If you do, you can use your product’s or company’s name in it.

And now that all the rules are set, you need to set a time limit for your giveaway. You can add the time limit in your giveaway rules so that everyone sees it. When setting a time limit, make sure it’s not too long or too short. Give your followers enough time to join, but also try to get them excited enough to join as soon as possible.

Step 5: Choose an Instagram Giveaway Tool and Launch

Giveaway tools for Instagram are a type of Instagram automation tool that can help you set up your giveaway and make it look professional. Most tools allow you to create all kinds of giveaways. Also, they make the whole process of creating, launching, and conducting a giveaway much easier.

Once you choose the right tool, make sure to follow all the steps it tells you to. After you’re finished, your giveaway will be ready to go. All you’ll need to do is press the launch button, and your giveaway will be live!

Step 6: Promote Your Giveaway and Announce the Winner

Now that you’ve created a great giveaway, all that’s left is for people to join it and for you to pick a winner. However, you can’t expect people to automatically know that you’ve launched a giveaway and enter in the thousands.

Instead, you need to promote it as much as you can. A few excellent ways to promote your giveaway include the following:

  • Add the giveaway page link to your bio.
  • Share the giveaway on your story and posts.
  • Share the giveaway on your other social media accounts and your website.
  • Send an email newsletter.
  • Write a blog that announces the giveaway.

Once the time limit of your giveaway ends, you’ll need to announce the winner. You can do that by picking a random person yourself. Also, you can do it by using a random number generator. In addition, there are plugins that can choose the winner for you.

You can announce the winner in your story or post. Also, you can use an automation tool to send a message to the winners immediately after you announce them.

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