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Call bots and Voicebots: How To Optimize the Customer Experience

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Call bots and voicebots are powered by AI. And there’s no doubt about it: AI is here to stay. Artificial Intelligence has already disrupted a lot of sectors, including sales and marketing.

The good news is that your business can also use AI to fuel its growth by optimizing Customer Experience.

It is of utmost priority considering that 75% of millennials would pay more in exchange for a good customer experience.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use call bots and voice bots to optimize your customer experience and how you can take your business to the next level!

Why Is CX Necessary?

Chatbot and Call bots customer experience (Source: Freepik)

Let’s imagine that you went to a restaurant. What would make your visit memorable: the food or the experience (how special the place made you feel)?

I bet you my bottom dollar it’s going to be the experience. The truth is that you can get away with a mediocre product but an outstanding experience, not the other way around.

Need some concrete data?

According to one study, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a good customer experience. Customers will be throwing money like this if they get a good experience with your brand.

To top it all off, 65% of U.S. customers consider a good experience with a brand better than influential advertising (PWC).

So all that green paper being sucked from your pockets by Google Ads is not as effective as giving your customers a genuine experience.

Amid this massive economic crisis going on, keeping your company afloat might be the topmost priority for you rather than blowing your customers away with outstanding CX. But the point is, CX is what is going to keep your company afloat in the first place.

How AI in Can Optimize CX and Benefit Your Business

Now that you understand why it’s important to work on customer experiences, here are some practical applications of AI call bots and voice bots in daily business:

1. Providing Customer Support

Call bots and human agents for a better support desk (Source : Freepik)

This is the most significant and popular use of bots. They can answer most of the repetitive and simple questions your customers have by referencing your knowledge base or other sources.

Unlike a human agent, call bots can respond instantly to thousands of users simultaneously which can reduce wait times. 69% of customers say they’re willing to interact with a bot on simple issues, so using them is a no-brainer!

Customers are getting used to interact with chatbots and tend to appreciate the experience for its efficiency and its 24/7 availability.

Even though regular chatbots might not replace a real-human for more complex queries, chatbots powered by machine learning algorithms, which enables them to learn from their interactions, have the capability to handle real-life conversation. Their growth potential is impressive.

2. Save On Costs and Time with Call Bots

Bots are cheaper to implement than employing full-time customer support executives. You won’t spend much on hiring and payroll as you won’t need that many support executives.

The human agents will have a manageable load and will be able to provide better help to each of the customers.

3. Data Collection with Call bots

Data rules the world nowadays. Gathering data helps to make the user experience better and also generates more revenue. There’s nothing quite like the power and insights customer data provides you.

Using bots is a great way to develop a huge repository of customer data and their feedback which can be used for marketing, product development, personalization, etc…

The data accumulated by bots is huge, it can be collected very quickly and it has lots of variety because each customer is unique.

4. Lead Generation and Nurturing

Increase revenue with chatbots and call bots (Source : Freepik)

Bots can automate the conversations part of your sales team, enabling them to focus on more complex tasks. Bots can help you identify if a customer is really interested or just a prospect.

If your bot will be integrated with your CRM, you can automate a lot of the lead generation process!

5. Drive Up Your NPS Score

Bots can help implement conversational surveys, unlike the traditional, boring ones.

With more customers answering your surveys you’ll be able to collect more data points for improvement.

This can directly lead to greater customer satisfaction and a higher NPS score.

6. Boost Website Engagement

Your website engagement metrics could see a significant boost by implementing chatbots. They can make sure that customers don’t bounce off and browse for longer by engaging them in a conversation.

How To Implement Call bots & Voicebots for Improving CX

  1. Create a Website / Optimize Existing One

If your business doesn’t have a website, you need one now. It’s pretty easy to make a website, using WordPress page builders.

If you want to start an eCommerce business, Shopify is the platform that we recommend.

To set up a Shopify store without any hassles, you might want to go with one of the Shopify development agencies.

If you already have a website, make sure that it follows these practices:

  • Responsive design (works well on all screen sizes)
  • Loads very quickly (Use GTMetrix or Pagespeed Insights to test)
  • Update the design to suit modern standards

2. Build the Call bots / Voice bot

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be some MIT scientist or researcher to make a bot.

There are a lot of free tools online like Ideta that will help you create a call bot or chatbot without writing a single line of code. Drag and drop for the win!

Build your call bots with Ideta

Ideta also provides voice bots for automating conversations over the phone if that is the mode of communication used by your business. Sign up for Ideta and build your bot now!

3. Add the Bot to Your Website

The service that you use to build your chatbot will provide you with directions to accomplish this. Usually, it can be done by copying and pasting a single line to your website’s code file.

For the voice bot, you can link it to the phone number that you use for customer support.

That’s it!


There you go!

In this post, you got to know why you need to focus on CX, how AI can help with CX, and how you can implement your own AI bot.

AI bots are the future (heck, they already are) and as a business, they can give you a high ROI. We hope this post gave you critical insights to grow your business with CX Optimization.

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