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Bot Phone Calls | What Are They and How Can You Use Them

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The world of customer service has been improving every year. From chatbots to artificial intelligence - all those tools exist to improve customer service and take it to a new level. However, there is one more tool that has proven helpful in the world of customer service. Namely, we are talking about bot phone calls.

There are many mediums for communication in this day and age. According to Microsoft, 74% of Americans have used the landline to contact customer service. So, phone calls remain essential when it comes to customer service.

bot phone calls
Photographer: Annie Spratt | Source: Unsplash

However, answering phone calls from numerous customers at a time is impossible. The only way to do that is to have a dozen or more people operating the phones at all times. And, let’s face it, that can be costly.

Now is where bot phone calls come in. But, what are bot phone calls? Also, can you use them for your business? How? Stick with us, and you will find the answers to all of these questions!

What Are Bot Phone Calls?

First things first, let’s start with the basics. Bot phone calls are calls made to customers by bots. Namely, those bots serve as voice assistants to companies. For example, let’s take Siri.

Apple users use Siri to ask questions and make demands. Now imagine if Siri could conduct phone calls. Sure, Siri can make phone calls, but that’s as far as it goes. On the other hand, bots can make phone calls and also conduct conversations with customers.

Essentially, bots can solve the problem of answering multiple calls at the same time. Bots can be automated to make routine phone calls and answer repeating questions. The automated bots focus on low-value, repetitive phone calls that happen often. However, if a more serious question arises during a phone call, the bot can redirect the call to an agent or employee.

Having an automated phone call bot can free up a lot of time for your employees. In turn, they can focus on other high-profile and high-value tasks. As a result, productivity will increase, and your costs will decrease.

Namely, for one price, you can cover all of your routine phone calls. You won’t have to pay extra people to answer simple questions. For example, questions about prices, product availability, working hours, and many more can be covered by bots.

Also, bots can handle data entry. They can enter the data that they have collected during and after the phone call. So, agents and employees and relieved of yet another repetitive task which increases their productivity even more.

How Can You Use Bot Phone Calls to Your Advantage?

Ah, benefits. There’s nothing like making a good investment that proves to have multiple uses. And, you can use bot phone calls in various ways for various purposes. Following, we will discuss the different uses of phone bots!

Transfer Calls

As we mentioned above, bots can handle repetitive and straightforward questions. That means that they can answer FAQs seamlessly, without additional help. However, they can do more.

If a customer requests to speak to another department, the bot can immediately transfer them to the appropriate employee. The customer won’t have to wait or look for the phone number of the department they need. So, customers will get what they ask for without effort, except for calling one number. Bot phone calls will cover all the rest.

a bot can transfer phone calls
Photographer: Charanjeet Dhiman | Source: Unsplash

Also, the bot will know which employee or department is suitable for the problem at hand. For example, a customer is calling to complain about a product malfunction. The bot will transfer them to the maintenance department instantly, and the customer will receive appropriate help.

Conduct Research

Surveys are an effective way to gather data from customers. Bots can conduct surveys and collect data from them. Also, they can store the data and analyze it.

You can gather essential insights with surveys. You can find out what people like about you, what they dislike, and what they expect from your company. All of that data can be used to improve your products and services. Also, with the help of that data, your company can grow and increase customer satisfaction.

However, conducting surveys can take your employees days. What’s more, gathering and analyzing that data will take up a lot of resources. Your employees will spend many working hours conducting the surveys, and the process will involve at least four or five of them. And all of that can drain your cash quickly.

But, with phone bots, you won’t have to engage dozens of employees to conduct the surveys. Also, you will not have to compensate for many sleepless nights at the office. Bots are here for you and your customers 24/7. Phone call bots can conduct, gather and analyze the data from your surveys faster and more efficiently.

Make Appointments

Restaurants and healthcare organizations are the first businesses that come to mind here. Of course, every business can use bot phone calls to make appointments.

Customers can call and schedule appointments or reservations. What’s best, no one will mix up your appointments. Also, the bot will not make a mistake and schedule a time that is not appropriate for you. Bots will make scheduling a human-error-free process.

bot phone calls can be used to make appointments
Photographer: Towfiqu barbhuiya | Source: Unsplash

So, there will be no more angry customers calling about having to wait because you had another appointment. Also, customers will not be knocking on your door saying that you double booked their appointment. All of that is not good for business. With phone bots, everything will be in order and time-efficient.

Last Few Words on Bot Phone Calls

All in all, phone bots can prove to be a valuable asset for your business. Call bots look like a promising investment, and their future seems bright from our perspective. Right now, only companies with a high call volume seem to be using them.

However, more and more companies will hop on the trend and use bot phone calls soon. Also, as more and more companies realize the potential of bots, the cost for this kind of software will decrease.

The key for you will be to choose the right bot. You will need a bot that is easy to use and compatible with multiple platforms. A bot like Ideta’s can be ideal for all your needs. The bot uses AI, is compatible with numerous platforms, has a simple interface, and more.

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