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What was behind the opening of the new Sephora store in London in May 2019? A touch of innovation! The company has once again made its mark on the history of its sector by moving closer to new digital uses. On the menu: automated collection points with QR codes, interactive mirrors, mobile payment solutions throughout the store, self-service zones...

How about getting to know Sephora's chatbot?

Sephora is also surfing on the chatbot trend ! With a world of beauty that is becoming digital, this new step asserts the brand in its digital transformation and its attachment to the millennial target. Its principle is simple: Beauty Bot proposes an interactive exchange with its customers by offering them a personalized selection of products. The more the customer converse, the more this accompaniment is oriented towards a tailor-made relationship!

This is where we find all the magic of the chatbot and its incredible capacity to know more about its customer in 5 minutes of conversation than in 10 years of sending customer files (often obsolete). Without tracker or cookies, the conversation opens the doors to the customer's needs at the moment T. As the customer does not feel spied on, it is then possible to retrieve this precious data in a climate of trust.

In this way, Sephora has strengthened its digital strategy by gaining proximity to its customers, whose expectations it now knows.

sephora chatbot

I want my chatbot too!

Sephora used Facebook Messenger to develop its Beauty Bot... Leader on the chatbot market, it has more than a billion users. This social network allows to buy advertising banners to acquire new users of the chatbot. However, the risk of addiction to Facebook is important.

To guarantee a total visibility of your chatbot and reduce your addictions, it is also necessary to privilege other communication channels... Why not your website for example?

But how to direct my customers on my chatbot web page? With a simple QR code, it is possible ! From there, you exchange with your customer in store even before he buys one of your products. You find the QR code old-fashioned ? No more! Now you can flash everyone you meet with your camera without having to download a mobile application.

Your best seller in store is your product!

Add a QR code and a chatbot and you will get... a virtual salesman hidden behind each of your products! These tools also offer you multiple possibilities in terms of interactions with your customer for :

  • Communicate your brand values
  • Create a direct access to the after-sales service
  • Implement an upsell strategy
  • Propose tips, recipes on video...
  • Make your products talk!

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