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A Few Tips on How to Build a Community in Social Media | Ideta

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The most important thing to remember is: building a community takes time!
A company can’t expect to have a large community after a few days. Also, it takes a lot of effort, one should be willing to put a lot of time and effort into building a community on social media.
Also an important point is: standing passionately behind your company.
Being loyal to the company as an employee has an influence on how followers and/or customers see the company.

Building a community on social media
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Definition of responsibilities for social media marketing

In general, a company has to define an employee who is responsible for the management of the community: a community manager. But that’s not enough: there should be a whole team working on social media marketing, which supports the community manager in creating contents and is on top of everything that goes on on social media. These team members also make sure, that reactions of followers and/or clients are being taken into account and don’t drown in the large social media universe. If those reactions could be a hidden food for thought, that might even help to improve processes in the company.

Purposeful and consistent posts on social media

In addition, posting must be purposeful. A company shouldn’t just post about their products, but also about the advantages of using these products, how they affect the lives of the followers/customers in a positive way. If the followers find the content relatable and helpful, it’s much easier to build a loyal community. Also, postings should be a regular thing, content creators have to work on them continuously, so that they can be made weekly, maybe even daily.
Just as important: the quality of the posts. Consistency is key.

The importance of the word “social” in social media

Why is social media called social media? Of course, because it’s meant to build a community, as mentioned in the intro of that article. But, apart from that, while using social media in general, the word social should always be remembered:

Interactions with followers that lead to their loyalty, launching advertising campaigns to provoke virtual meetings with potential customers, which help to build a relationship with them.

Marketing automation tools to help you build a community on social media

To support companies in building a community on social media, there are tools who lend a helping hand. Here are some examples:

  • Tribe

Allows full customisation to reflect the brand image, makes the creation of a multi-channel experience for users possible, all components, including activity feeds and publications, can be easily integrated into the site of the company, offers a moderation system combining user-driven reporting, standard moderator tools and automation

  • BuddyBoss

WordPress theme to create a white label social network, allows members to create individual profiles, host micro-communities and add members as friends, can integrate with other third-party applications to access even more options

  • Circle

Makes it possible to bring together engaging discussions, members, live streams, chat, events and memberships – all in one place.

  • Ideta Community Management tool

Helps you set up automated campaigns on Facebook and Instagram in just a few clicks. You can also personalize your replies and answer with emojis for public and private answers. Learn more about it on our homepage, right here!

You can rely on automation tools to help you manage your social media channels.

Some tools can help you schedule your posts, like buffer. It is really easy to use and has a freemium plan.

Instagram and Facebook Auto Comment Free Tool
The Ideta Auto Comment tool: On Instagram and Facebook
  • Biteable

Biteable can help you create video content to make a greater impact on your community.


A big part of the social factor: creating synergies with other brands which have the same audience-followers as one’s own company. It shows entrepreneurial solidarity and it boosts the growth of the community automatically, because you mutually benefit from visibility.

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