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10 Examples of Successful Email Marketing Templates

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Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the best means for marketers to connect with their customers. But to regularly and consistently create click-worthy email copies can be quite grueling. That’s why you need good examples of email marketing templates. 

A majority of marketers believe that a diverse email marketing strategy with different types of emails is important for a company’s overall success. 


Simply because it works. In fact, email marketing can drive an ROI of up to $36 for every dollar you spend.

But let's face it, marketers are busy, and drafting compelling email copies on a regular basis is quite a challenge.

That’s where examples of email marketing templates prove helpful. Not only are they effective enough to boost engagement but also to help you quickly create and run email marketing campaigns.

In this post, I am sharing 10 impressive examples of email marketing templates that you can draw inspiration or use for your next campaign. 

Let’s get started.

10 Examples of Email Marketing Templates Your Business Can Use

To leverage the benefits of email marketing, it’s crucial to plan and execute campaigns in a smart way. Useful examples of email marketing templates can help you not only make this process quick but also create the compelling and creative email content. 

I’ve handpicked these 10 examples of email marketing templates to get you started in the right direction. Here they are.

1. Welcome Note 

We can never underestimate the value of creating a good first impression and that’s why your welcome emails should be exceptional. One of my first examples of email marketing templates is this introductory welcome email by Sotrender. 

Welcome Email via Sotrender

A welcome email can go beyond just a ‘friendly Hello’ and actually talk a bit about what the reader can expect from you. You can even bundle up a welcome kit with free resources or limited-time coupons to drive the leads down the sales funnel. 

Meanwhile, you can create videos to include in your email templates. For this, you can leverage a video tool such as  Movavi Video Editor to create and edit video tutorials and embed those into your welcome email. 

2. Lead Nurturing

Use a lead nurturing email to drive leads from the consideration stage to the decision-making stage. Integrate your email tool with a sales CRM like Copper CRM tool to manage your leads effectively. A lead nurturing email can be crisp and with clear intent like the example, I’ve shared below. 

Lead Nurturing Email via Jones

What makes a lead nurturing email effective is your friendly tone and a click-worthy subject line. Best email marketing tools can help craft a catchy subject line that triggers your readers’ curiosity to compel them to open the email, click on the CTA, or respond to the email.

3. Personalized Recommendations

Here is one of the best examples of email marketing templates that Airbnb uses to offer personalized recommendations to its customers. It works because the key information like name, destination, and solutions are highly personalized. 

Personalized Recommendation Email via Airbnb

By setting up web analytics tools on your website, you too can track customer behavior and understand what products they might be interested in. This crucial information can help you create personalized emails that have a much higher conversion rate.

4. Free Resources

Everyone gets excited when they are offered something for free, be it industry insights, ebooks, case studies, or even free video templates. Customers willingly download such free resources because they’re shared by industry experts.

Here’s an email template from GetResponse. The free weight loss guide that they are offering could attract several users and that’s why it has a higher click-through rate. 

Free Resources Email via GetResponse

Adding that P.S. at the end is an additional attempt to increase the reach of your email.

5. Cold Outreach

Let me tell you by experience that these examples of email marketing templates can save you a lot of time and effort. Once your email list is ready, you can quickly personalize a template and kickstart a conversation with your prospects.

As the below email from Sprout Social shows, your cold outreach email should have a brief introduction about why you are reaching out. Then comes your offer for a pain point that you have noticed, followed by a no-pressure CTA. 

Cold Outreach Email via Sprout Social

6. Upsells

Do you remember how they ask you at a fast-food joint if you would like fries or a soft drink with your food order? 

That’s what upsell is all about. When a customer has already purchased or subscribed to one of your products, you try to suggest to them other useful products. Please see the template I’ve shared below as an example.

Hi Name,

You bought [product/ products] recently.

As it’s just one part of our [collection] line, we thought you might find some other products to be useful as well. These additional products will surely enhance your experience with [product].

Here’s what we’ve got for you:

[A List of products with pictures]

Take a good look at them and do let us know if you’re interested in any of these. 

And remember that you can test our products for 30 days and return them if you are not satisfied.

[Button] Check out our returns policy.

Free shipping. Free returns.

An upsell email is a great way to extend the conversation and convince your customers that you are trying to enhance their experience. All you need to do is highlight the customer’s recent purchases and suggest products that can complement their choice.

For instance, if someone purchased your CRM tool, you can suggest to them a data cleansing tool for a seamless experience.

Such examples of email marketing templates work better than random recommendations and may drive more sales for you.

7. Re-Engagement 

One of the top examples of email marketing templates is a re-engagement email. Many of your subscribers or existing customers may have lost touch and stopped opening your emails. Effective re-engagement campaigns can re-activate inactive contacts and generate sales leads for you.

This re-engagement email from Dotcom Distribution gently invites its old customers to revisit its website and check out the new products on offer.

Re-engagement email from Dotcom Distribution 

It is a proven fact that turning inactive subscribers into customers is a lot cheaper and easier than acquiring new customers. That’s where you’ll need good examples of email marketing templates to run an effective remarketing email campaign. 

8. Event Promotion

Events offer a great opportunity to interact with your target audience and make them aware of your brand. But for them to attend the event, you need to write an attractive email copy that piques their curiosity.

Go through the examples of email marketing templates and find ones that are specifically designed for a particular kind of event. 

This email by HubSpot promoting a webinar explicitly tells you why you should attend their webinar and how they can help overcome a prevailing problem. 

Event Promotion Email via HubSpot

You should always highlight how your event, be it a webinar, live Q&A session, charity event, exhibition, etc, can benefit your audience. 

9. Feedback 

One of the good examples of email marketing templates for seeking customer feedback is this email I received from Clockify. Even with a minimal email copy, they have made it clear that my feedback is valuable to them.

Feedback Email via Clockify

Feedback emails are an effective means to stay connected with your customers. If you want to know how they feel about your brand or products, go ahead and ask them. Include surveys, feedback forms, or simple polls to gather their opinions and feedback. 

Keep your questions limited to what’s necessary and keep your forms short. Make it easy and quick for your subscribers to give their feedback and you’ll get more responses.

10. Product Launch

One of the reasons why people subscribe to your emails is to stay informed about your company news. Good examples of email marketing templates for a product launch will show you that it's all about getting your audience excited about your new products or events. 

The sequence of emails for such campaigns will include a pre-launch email, launch email, and follow-up email. Here’s one of the more informal examples of email marketing templates. It’s creative, conversational, and has a quirky headline to nudge the readers to go and check out the product. 

Subject line: Surprise! We’re letting you know a day early...

Hey Chloe,

Ready to be the first one to try our new (Product)?

It’s arriving tomorrow.

(For the discount winners) Since you were one of the early ones to sign up, we’re happy to offer you 10% OFF.

Don’t forget to shop tomorrow. 

<CTA> Take a sneak peek and wishlist it today.

Ready to Choose the Right Email Marketing Templates for Your Business?

It is evident that examples of email marketing templates can be extremely helpful in harnessing the power of email marketing for your business. Right from nurturing your leads to offering tailored recommendations and maintaining a relationship with your customers, email marketing is quite useful. 

If you have been asking your self “why I’m not making sales?”, one of the reasons could be that your email marketing strategy is not effective enough to push customers to make a buying decision.

I believe that the examples of email marketing templates that I’ve shared above can help develop compelling email copies for your campaigns. Go ahead and use these templates to achieve your marketing goals and grow your business.

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