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Microsoft Teams Chatbot

While creating our chatbot integration for Microsoft Teams, we had to understand the process of publishing a chatbot on Microsoft Teams.

As it was not easy, I thought it could be interesting for others to share the details of the process. In the meantime, it is also interesting for our customers who use our no-code software to deploy their chatbot.

These are steps you need to follow in order to deploy your chatbot.

  1. Creating an Azure Bot
  2. Getting a Teams subscription
  3. Import your bot to your organization with a manifest
  4. Build your Microsoft Teams chatbot
  5. The use cases

Let's start!

Creating an Azure Bot

To build an Azure Bot, you'll need to Azure website.

1. Create an account or sign in.

Once you're in, click on "Create a resource."

teams app

Search for Azure bot:

azure bot

Then click Create:

create azure bot

Fill in the necessary information:

microsoft teams chatbot azure

Then click Review & Create, then confirm by clicking Create.

Wait until your resource is created and click on "Go to Resource."

Click on configuration and fill in the URL of your webhook.

microsoft teams app

Where do you get it? If you want to build a chatbot easily with no code, you can get the URL easily on our platform. Otherwise, you have to code it and maintain it yourself.

Find your webhook in Ideta

So, for our users, you just need to go to the publish section and select Teams of one of the bots you created.

ideta microsoft teams bot

Copy and paste the URL you got into the Azure Portal.

You need to fill in the Client ID and Client Secret. To do that, you can go back to the Azure portal. You will have the Microsoft App ID needed on the screen :

microsoft app id

If you click Manage, you can access the value of the secret associated with the Microsoft App ID.

That way, Ideta and Microsoft and linked and your bot will work.

Getting a Teams Subscription

To deploy a Microsoft Teams Chatbot, you will need to have a valid Microsoft Teams account.

You need to follow these steps to enable uploading a custom app to your organization.

If you cannot see the Teams tab at Step 2, that means you do not have a valid subscription for Teams. Contact Microsoft support or try to get one.

Once you have enabled custom uploading and you waited long enough for the info to propagate, you will see a button appear :

teams subscription

Click on it then "Upload for my org":

microsoft teams org

You need to upload something... But what?

Import your bot to your org with a manifest.

What is a manifest? Microsoft explains everything here

Then, you need to do that :

  • Edit the manifest.json from the manifest documentation to replace your Microsoft App ID (that was created when you registered your bot earlier) everywhere you see the placeholder string "%YOUR-MICROSOFT-APP-ID%"
  • (Optional) Edit the manifest.json for other details. You'll need to read the docs above to understand what everything means.
  • Zip up the manifest.json with an icon-color.png and icon-outline.png into a
microsoft teams manifest
  • Check the validity of your manifest in the Microsoft App Validation tool.
  • Upload the to Teams (in the Apps view, click "Upload a custom app")
  • Search for your app in the Chat section of Microsoft Teams to start a conversation.

Build your experience

To start chatting with your Microsoft Teams bot, you just need to deploy it on Microsoft Teams. You need to go to Ideta's App, choose your chatbot, and then go to the publish section. Click Publish to unlock your 14 day free trial.

If you send a message in Microsoft Teams, you should get an answer.

You can now use our tool to improve this experience. You can leverage AI to make a smart use case for your company.

Microsoft Teams Use Cases

Now that we have covered all the steps that are necessary to deploy your Microsoft Teams Chatbot let's explore some of Microsoft Teams' use cases. The use cases that we will provide are here to inspire you and show you the extensive functionality and usability of the platform. Also, they will give you some ideas and propositions on how and for what you can use the platform in the future.

Here we go!

Reviewing Documents

Reviewing documents can take more time than actually writing them. The process of reviewing multiple documents while trying to meet a deadline or finish faster is a tedious and stressful task.

The most common method of reviewing involves bouncing from one app to another constantly and using multiple tools and programs. However, with Microsoft Teams, reviewing might become your favorite part of the day. Namely, using Microsoft Teams allows you to edit, revise, and approve multiple documents at the same time and in one application.

So, no more bouncing from app to app and spending long hours revising and editing. With Microsoft Teams, not only will your job be easier, but it will also take up less of your time. Furthermore, you can review, edit, and approve documents of all kinds, including .doc, .xlsx, .pptx, and more.

You can also set reminders so your chatbot can notify you regularly when a document has to be reviewed.

Managing Projects

Managing project and making sure that all deadlines are met and all team members receive the necessary information and documents is not as easy as it seems, especially if you have a huge project lined up.

Also, when managing projects, you need to schedule conference calls meetings and determine deadlines for each team member individually. Microsoft Teams allows you to do all of that in more in one place. Namely, all you need to do is create a Team on Microsoft Teams, and you will be able to keep track of everything and have all necessary information in one place for your project.

You chatbot can also assist you on managing project. They can send email to team members and notify them when new tasks need to be done, or you can determine and change deadline directly by sending a message to your chatbot

Planning Events

Even if your company does not host many events, it surely hosts at least one event a year - its holiday party. And with all the work people have to do it is hard to find someone that will go the extra mile and organize a whole event. The good news is - you do not have to spend hours organizing events anymore!

Microsoft Teams can help you plan events with ease. Also, it can make planning events a short and straightforward task instead of a long and exhausting one. With it, you can create polls where all your employees and co-workers can express what they want your party to look like. Thus, you can gather information about food preferences, venue preferences, budgets, and more all in one place in no time.

So, no more going from colleague to colleague and compiling various spreadsheets just to determine what kind of food you should get or which venue suits your event the most.

Of course, your Microsoft Teams Chatbot can also help you with this tasks. At Ideta we made a chatbot to determine where to eat, the chatbot choose randomly a restaurant from our favorite place and send us the menu so we can order.

Moreover, you can also let team member schedule appointement in the chatbot. You just have to connect your calendar to your bot.


Since the pandemic hit, schools and universities have replaced their physical classrooms with virtual ones. Fast forward to two years later, people are still taking classes online, and many prefer to keep it that way.

Microsoft Teams has been a leading online platform for schools and universities from all over the world. Also, it has a special version that is tailored for educations purposes where teachers and students can interact, share documents, schedule exams and presentations, and more. You can do virtually everything there is when it comes to school work and online classes with Microsoft Teams - that is why so many choose it as their online class platform.

HR Portal

Almost every company in the world has an HR department that they have to manage. Managing your HR department is a lot easier with Teams than with other similar platforms.

With Teams, you can set up a message board where you can mark sick days or other kinds of time-off and pull up important HR documents and files. All of those tasks are made a lot easier with Microsoft Teams' Bot for attendance. Also, you can track new hire surveys and annual reviews with Microsoft Teams.

You bot can help you manage your HR daily tasks. You can let employee take their sick day by talking to the chatbot, or retreive files.


Good marketing is what sets companies apart and makes them known to the world. It requires a mix of content creation, event planning, project management, and numerous review processes, all in one department. Combining and bringing all of the above-mentioned marketing tasks into one platform can improve your marketing strategy and the overall workflow of your company.

Luckily, with Microsoft Teams, you can do exactly that. Also, with combining everything in one platform, your deadlines will be met more frequently, your meetings will be more productive, and scheduling calls, meetings, events, etc., will be a lot faster than before.

With Microsoft Teams, you can add people to the Teams site with a few clicks and receive the input you need for your marketing strategies.

Your Microsoft Teams Chatbot can answer your clients or just chit-chat with them!

Final Remarks on Microsoft Teams Chatbot

In this article, we covered all the steps that you need to take and complete in order to deploy your chatbot. We covered them in great detail and hope that they will help you deploy your Microsoft Teams Chatbot with ease.

Also, we have covered quite a few uses cases for Microsoft Teams in order to show you the versatility and excellent functionality of the platform. Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular platforms out there, and for a good reason. Not only is it versatile and can be used for a vast number of things - from conducting online classes to improving marketing strategies, but it is also made for everyone.

What we mean by that is that Microsoft Teams is a simple platform made so that everyone, no matter their age or experience with technology, can use it. You can do virtually anything you want with just a few clicks, and if you get stuck somewhere, you can find a plethora of helpful guides and articles (like this one) about Microsoft Teams online for free.

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